Emma trembles in fear as Camila haunts her | TKB (With Eng Subs)

He was said to have died
while ironing clothes. His face fell
straight into the iron. That’s how his eye
got scorched. Can you fix it? Of course, Kuya Iking. I studied reconstructive makeup
in the city. Most of the people
who die there break their faces
after getting shot. But we’re always able to fix the
way their noses and skulls look. Now let’s see… This is easy. All we need are
some wax and makeup. About what his mother
said earlier… Is it true? Is it true that
ever since Camila died, they all became unlucky? Did back luck really befall the
entire Dela Torre plantation? Emma, if you will
ride a plane that will fly over
the Dela Torres’ plantation, you will see that most of
the plantation is barren. The banana trees
over at that plantation were poisoned and
eventually died. And until now, the people there
are still trying to recover. What’s strange is that that did not happen to
the Dela Cuestas’ plantation. If you think about it, both plantations should
end up the same way because their banana trees are
all planted on the same land. That is why everyone
at the Dela Torres’ plantation is blaming what happened
on Camila’s curse. There. Kuya Iking? Ate Tsoknat? Kuya Iking, Ate Tsoknat,
are you there? Kuya Iking? Ate Tsoknat? This isn’t funny. I already told you! I can’t do what you’re
asking me to do! I just want to live
a peaceful life! I’m begging you,
please leave me alone! I’m begging you! Do it. Do it. Leave me alone!