Emily Lindin’s Unslut Project helps girls who are victims of bullying

Emily Lindin says she too was sexually
bullied in school and deeply affected her childhood. She has since started a project called the Unslut Project. Please welcome Emily. The UnSlut Project works against sexual bullying and slut shaming. And that
is on a school level, a larger community level and we also talk about how it works in the media. Well, last April, I heard about a girl named
Rehtaeh Parsons who had taken her own life after
being the victim of a rape at the hands of her
classmates when she was too drunk to give consent. For the
next two years after that she was bullied by her classmates and blamed for what had happened to her. So, that all built up and she ended up
deciding to commit suicide. And, it was the third of fourth story
that I’d heard like that over the past few years and it really moved
me. And it made me remember my youth when I was targeted as the school slut. It started when I was 11 years-old and
throughout seventh-grade and eighth-grade I had that reputation. For
a couple years there I considered committing suicide a couple times. I ended up cutting my wrist and it was
more of a cry for help rather than an actual attempt to kill myself. But I just felt such a connection to the
girls he did go through with it. I felt like I really needed to share my story. Hearing about other girls going through
something similar reminds me how common this is. But what was different about about
me is that I kept really detailed diaries That ended up being a really special tool for me because when I heard about stories like Audrie Pott and like other girls who’ve gone through something similar, I knew I had my diaries as a primary source of what it’s
like to be at that age going through that type of bullying. I felt like I needed to do something.
I needed to somehow turn what was such an awful experience
for me into a way to prevent anything like this from happening again
or at least trying my best to do that. So, one thing that I could do was to
share my diaries online and hope that I would reach
someone who was going through something like that right now. Let them know they’re not alone. That I
went through it and got through it and not only survived but I have a really fulfilled happy life. And
that, this happens to so many girls who come this on the other end. And that, if you’re going through it right now, you can come through it,too. What happened was that after I shared my
diary, I inspired a lot of women actually to come forward and share your stories as
well and so now the UnSlut Project is this wonderful online
community where we’re spreading the word and sharing our experiences and and other stories that we hear in the news.
And trying to really get it out there My first goal is to kind of start conversations among adults and demonstrate what an issue this is and how pervasive this is My second goal, and probably the most
important, most immediate goal, is to reach girls, who are going
through something like this now and to let them know so many of us have
gone through some, some variation of this. You don’t have to
take your own life. It’s not what the best option is. And so reaching those girls is.. is the most important most immediate goal for me So, we have the web site www.UnslutProject.com and we just want to really build
our community as a supportive place for girls who need
to know that they’re not alone.