Elias recalls how he was bullied | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Just remember, if you
need someone to talk to… If you need someone to
be there to support you… I’m here for you, okay? How do you do that, Elias? Your life’s been full of tragedy
ever since you were a kid. You have every right to be
mad at the world, but… …you’re not. It wasn’t easy for me too. I know how it feels to be
bullied by everyone. I also went through that… …after I lost my family. Dear, are you hungry? Hey. Stay away from that kid. Andres said misfortune
follows him wherever he goes. Really? Look at what happened
to his family. And he can pass it
on to others. Hey! How dare you spread
rumors about him?! Rumors, huh? so you can stop
spreading lies?! Scram! Let’s go. Unbelievable! Are you alright, dear? Don’t listen to them. You’re not cursed. Your dad and I
love you so much. And we’re very
lucky to have you. Remember that, alright? Come on.
Show me that smile. Let’s go home before
our parents get mad. Alright, let’s go. Look! It’s the cursed kid! – Let’s stay away from him!
– He’s cursed! – Elias, the cursed kid!
– You’re cursed! – You’re cursed!
– Sucks to be you! Hey! Stop throwing
stones at us! Hey! Get out of here! Leave Elias alone! Nanny, you know how
to do witchcraft, right? – What?!
– She’s a witch?! Let’s get out of here! Thank you. Don’t mention it. Let’s be friends
from now on, alright? Is your nanny really a witch? I’m just kidding, Elias. Well, she looks like one. Nanny, Elias said
you look like a witch. Hey! I just forgot
to comb my hair! I’m just lucky because
there were people who loved and accepted me. I was able to survive
because of them. I don’t dwell
on my dark past… …because I learned to look
at the bright side of it. I still feel guilty… …because I’m the only one
who survived in my family. But Mom and Dad
always remind me… …that there’s a reason
why I’m still alive. That’s why I promised
to myself that while I’m still alive… …I will live with honor… …so they would be
proud of me. You have a pure heart, Elias. And everyone can see that
the moment they see you. It’s as if… …kindness radiates from you. It’s beautiful. You think I’m beautiful? Does that mean… …I’m handsome too? So, you think
I’m handsome, huh?