Elias brings Emma to his beautiful flower fields | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Where are you going? Heading home now? I don’t feel like
going home yet. Perfect! Come with me. Don’t worry.
I won’t do anything to you. I’m more worried about you. If everyone sees us together, they might call you
the devil’s slave too. No big deal. I can defend myself
from Mister Andres. Come on. Wow! It’s so beautiful! Yup. It’s so nice here. Miss Lory! Mister Erning! How are you two lovebirds doing? Oh, you! We’re fine, Sir Pogs. Alright. Pogs? Yeah. It’s short for “pogi”
(handsome). Oh… I thought it’s “apog”
(garden lime). I was just kidding. They’re just some of
our gardeners here. Wait… I thought you’re an
employee here. I didn’t know you’re from
a wealthy family. Wealthy? I’m not wealthy. If I am, then all Filipinos
would be considered wealthy. I was only able to build this
farm thanks to my godfather. He trusts me,
so he invested in it. These are all sunflowers. Thank you! Here. Beautiful, isn’t it? For you. – Good morning, Sir Pogs.
– Hi, Mister Aurelio! Wait. You wanna look around? Oh! Watch your step! Come in. Aren’t they nice? Look here. Do you know what these are? – Roses.
– Very good! They sell well, especially
during Valentine’s Day. But they’re also in
demand for funerals. You see, Crimson roses
symbolize mourning. Have a look. For me, it’s better as
a symbol of… …love. How about these?
Do you know what they are? Miss Ichu always orders them
for her funeral home business Many clients want them because they symbolize
purity and innocence Some people believe that
death is a new beginning, like a clear record. You become free from
worldly pain, and you let go of feelings
like love and anger. Supposedly, you’ll never
return again… …or hold grudges.