EGCO342: Cyberbullying

once upon a time there lived a beautiful
girl who has a dream her dream is to be famous and well-known person then she
decided to use the social network to make her dream comes true
at first she start by posting her own photos on a social network many year pass
she has got a lot of follower but she did not realize that this world is cruel
whenever there is the one who love you there will be the one who hate you one
day the girl got a lot of bad comments and also got bullied by her haters the
haters also make a fake news and make everyone hate a girl after that she
lost most of her lover and become a failure on social network and that is
the story of a girl who has got a cyber bullying and now I am going to tell you
guys what is cyber bullying and what is it all about the National Crime
Prevention panel identifies the cyber bullying as a using of Technology to
harass threaten embarrass or target other person through technology examples
could be impersonating someone online are posting personal information photos
or videos decided to hurt another person recent studies have shown that one out
of four teens have been the victims of the cyber bullying and when after six
have admitted to have cyber bullied someone the danger is that it can happen
24 hours a day the constant attack can make a ship you
hurt humiliated angry depressed or even suicidal the effect can be devastating
according to hips health kids can easily become all well men very quickly cyber
bullying is harmful for the following reasons first one cyber bullying
behavior I carry out from a distant and can be instantly broadcasted to a large
number of people next one cyber bullying does not require physical
strange or face-to-face contact this means that everyone can do the
cyberbullying even though they don’t have the power are they are an introvert
people next messages are sometimes sent anonymously so those targeted have no
idea who is responsible and the bully does not have to reorder true identity
moreover the cyber bullying can happen anywhere at any time even in places
where you normally feel safe such as your home last one the bully cannot
senior reaction so they will often go much further in the harassment or
Whitacre than they would face to face however the cyber bullying or other
types of bullying is now still alive in our culture so if you have faced the
cyber bullying of other types are bullying please stay calm and think
carefully before making the reaction you