Drunk Lawyer Goes VIRAL in RACIST RANT on Airplane

A drunk female passenger went into a
racist tirade when flight attendants declined her more alcohol. You’re
watching what’s trending I’m Kacey Spivey. Don’t forget to like and
subscribe for more social media news daily. On an Air India flight from Mumbai
to London, a woman in business class became belligerent and began spouting
off racist slurs after flight attendants declined to serve her more wine. This woman
claims that she was a lawyer “I’m a lawyer.” And threatened the staff
with legal action. one of the passengers told The Sun “she came back to her seat and gulped
down some more bottles of wine and asked for more when the flight attendant
refused her demands. She threatened the attendant and pushed
the trolley. It was then that she turned unruly towards the flight attendant and
started with a verbal spat. The women, who claims to work for the Palestinian
people then continues her tirade in business class when she threatens to
have them shot by the Irish Republican Army. oh boy oh boy the quote-unquote lawyer.
“I’m a lawyer.” Was arrested when the plane touched down at the Heathrow Airport in
London. The Metropolitan Police said “she was arrested on suspicion of racially
aggravated Public Order, common assault and drunk and disorderly and taken to a
West London police station. The arrests, related to incidents that had occurred
onboard the plane she was subsequently released under investigation.” The flight
attendants also reported that they suffered bruises from her assault, but
this is not the first time a racist drunken lawyer was caught on camera. The man repeatedly called passengers the
n-word and said “I talk sh*t because I know I can! I’m a lawyer.” “I’m a lawyer!” “I went
to NYU Law.” And check out this drunken white woman who is lashing out and a
racist rant of her own. “I’m hot, I’m beautiful, I’m 51. What are we going to talk about tonight? being hot being beautiful being white, being … my new weave?” The woman, Susan Westwood
allegedly drunk called 9-1-1 after harassing sisters Lisa and shelley
Garris who were waiting for triple-a in a shared apartment complex. “Why you hanging out?
Where do you live? Where do you live here in this place?”
The woman brags about her good looks and money. “I’m still gonna make hundred five
thousand dollars! I’m gonna make hundred twenty-five thousand dollars Monday
morning.” But of course, she was fired when that video went viral. So what’s with all
of these drunken rants? Studies show that people appear more racist and homophobic
when they’ve been drinking. Professor Jonathan Shepard, director of the Cardiff
University Crime and Security Research Institute said “a striking aspect of the
study was the discovery that most attacks weren’t fueled by hate alone,
alcohol appeared to act as an igniter. Our findings suggest that tackling
alcohol abuse is not only important in regards to the health of individuals, but
also the health of our society.” But of course, racist rants don’t only happen
under the influence, so here’s some completely sober racism caught on camera.
“I pay her hospital bills. She’s a foreigner, she come over here, She get sick
and fat and obese and she can’t do anything, she can’t work, but I have to
pay her bills.” “You may be in jail too.” What do you think about this lawyers racist ranting?
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