Dr. Walter Klein – Gastroenterology

I’m dr. Walter Klein I’m a
gastroenterologist and an internist and I’ve been very fortunate to live back in
my hometown area where I grew up probably one of the biggest charms and
honors in my practice is that I take care of people I’ve known since I was
five years old I always loved the idea that I’d be doing something that you
know make a difference for people the most common thing that people come to
see me for would include irritable bowel syndrome reflux esophagitis peptic ulcer
disease a number of other kinds of gastrointestinal liver problems but of
course one of the big aspects of the career is cancer prevention examining people talking with
them seeing what we can do to try and reduce their risk of possibly developing
a colon cancer or some other castro tested malignancy in the future as much
as I’m a gastroenterologist I love doing you know procedures to help make a
difference probably the favorite part of my my career is the continuity
the relationships that have developed over decades as a commander in the
United States Navy reserve I did volunteer work in Haiti at a hospital
where I’ve taken my daughter’s I’ve done medical humanitarian missions in West
Africa with Uncle Sam so all those things still continue to bring you know
some of that joy I really hope that patients appreciate the fact that I’m
always trying to be as sincere as possible trying to be helpful
trying to to do the right thing find help them do the right thing