Dr. Phil Tells A 53-Year-Old Why Marrying His 24-Year-Old Fiancée Has A High Risk For Divorce

let’s look at divorce rates for first marriage everybody thinks – divorce rate in America is fifty percent that’s not true it’s actually thirty five to forty percent it’s not as bad as everybody thinks for second marriage it’s 60 to 65 percent for third married your chance of getting divorce is seven out of ten I can’t give up trying I might business fails prior I get back up and I keep trying up well I’m gonna keep running my my head into the wall till I bust the wall or bust my head and hopefully I’m not busting my head would Brooke well let’s look at the other risk factors here because there are also statistics on the likelihood of divorce based on age gap if there’s a 10-year age gap 39% a 20-year age gap ninety-five percent the thirty year age gap one hundred and seventy two percent likelihood of divorce what’s your age difference twenty nine years and this is your third marriage yeah now you’ve got a motion involved but take the emotion say I was selling you a car okay instead of marriage and I said okay David this car I’m selling you I won’t meant to you it’s old and I don’t know whether it’s gonna run or not because the one hundred and seventy two percent of the time we get in it it does not run okay yeah and I know you’ve bought it once I know and it didn’t work I know I sold it to you a second time and it didn’t work I know I sold it to you now a third time I’m asked you to buy it and it hasn’t that worked before but what you say you don’t buy this like we’re not a car like that’s just different and we’re both being optimistic and honestly like I don’t feel there’s if we’re happy I don’t build between me and Brice no you don’t feel the age difference so much right now right I actually put some pictures together these are not of you but there are pictures of people that are similar okay here’s the difference when you’re 44 and 73 this is your age difference and the you see you accelerate in aging yeah much more than she does and here’s the age difference at 54 and 83 so the age gap is this much now but it’s that much in 20 years is that much in 30 years I mean you start aging a lot faster but you got to have a hundred seventy two percent yeah that’s never get in there anyway