Dog Bullies Baby Hooman Brother (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

I know I watch this channel for animals But can’t resist..the cute BABY Sarang the dog ain’t havin’ it tho I’m supposed to be the cute one in this family! Well, not anymore! Upon Sarang’s scary antics, Sunwoo climbs the piano Sunwoo: Sarang is scary.. Mom: Strangely enough, Sarang barks at the children In front of the baby, a devil In front of mom, an angel Just the two of us.. Sarang used to be kind and nice But after the baby was born, Sarang slowly changed To change the mood. Snacktime. One for Sarang One for Jiho Only goes after Jiho’s snack Mom: No! No! Score~ I already gave yours Jiho’s tastes better Sarang used to have a small appetite Well, not anymore! Even eating turns into a tug-of-war If Jiho approaches the doll, Sarang steals it Jiho has met his first bully already at 9 months old Mom: Sarang! Why do you keep barking~ Awk.. Mom: I wish that my kids and dog got along like the other families with pets You mean like this? Kids with pets show emotional stability As well as learning how to interact with their peers earlier From interacting with their pets It’s important to establish a good relationship with pets Growing up with pets is a big help to children’s development But at Sunwoo and Jiho’s house, what can be done? To be continued..