I don’t know dude I’m going through phases alright Going through phases man Are you serious dude? Why do people keep dodg- They’re scared of the monkey, dude They’re scared of the monkey What should I do? I really want to play some Wukong But they keep dodging because my Wukong is just too strong for them dude They’re just like Oh we can’t play against him Like yep, you’re right I-I respect that I’m gonna do Wukong anyway dude I’m doing it anyway I want to play some Wukong I just- I’m feeling it dude, I’m feeling Wukong This jungle patch is changing so much The stalker is the best on the Wuking Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. But anyway Uh dude the mall- I mean What the heck haha The jungle… um Keeps changing So often that I don’t even know what’s top tier anymore to be honest dude like Elise was like God-tier level like patch But ever since the XP changes to the jungle It’s not- I don’t know if she’s actually God-tier anymore dude I don’t think she really is Yo wassup Fiora More like dead-iora -_- Ahaha geddit guys? Smited Oh got her flash BAM Give him the +6 Nasus stack Thank you very much can I get a +6 in the chat, team Can I get a +6 in the chat Nightblue who was your girlfriend? First girlfriend? Um… To be honest dude, I’ll be honest okay Her nickname was left hand- Nah I’m kidding Monkey ND5? Did this guy just call me ND5 Yea, goodbye Peacelate [email protected] You want to see what happens when you call me ND5? C’mere I’ll show you exactly what happens when you call me ND5 my friend BAM SIT DOWN [email protected] What’s up dude? Actually, you know what? I don’t care what’s up Papa Dequan Sit down +12 in the chat let’s go And another [email protected], hold on double [email protected] Yea keep no- Yea keep flaming bruh Keep flaming You call me diamond? That’s my kryptonite that’s my trigger word Diamond 5 5 diamonds, propose ring Listen dude, for every ND5 you say in all chat is a death ND5 right? ND5 hold on hold on Sit down ya monkey I told you, what did I tell you Didn’t I tell you cause I told ya mhmm And when did I tell you, a long time ago And what did I say will happen when I told you? Exactly what just happened Alright Legend27 calm down, dude I’m not gonna calm down alright? I’m not gonna calm down alright Don’t tell me to calm down Don’t tell- Don’t tell- Don’t tell an anime girl to calm down okay? Mess ’em up Freelo, let’s go dude You’re good, you’re chilling Haha look at all that damage we just put out dude I like that I mean uh- haha Hey friend I think you used the wrong punctuation there LET’S GO [email protected] ND5 IN THE CHAT OH Oh see, another cy- Get all the [email protected]’s this is gonna be- This is gonna be the most [email protected]’s in one game Oh- oh oh oh back massager I like that K, we’re chillin’ we’re chilling Wuju style Koggle (?) You better watch yourself KOGGLE YOU BETTER WATCH YOURSELF Autoattack Q E 7 42 Oh [email protected] Yea okay okay Kill secured Nehahaha I saved his ulti cooldown I saved his ulti cooldown- Wait no I didn’t Oh RIP I didn’t, I didn’t team Yo honestly hold up Hold up Hold u-u-u-up pauseee Pause on the- On the On the speech Pause on the speech, hold up Wait a minute Let me put, some kappa in it WHOO LET’S GO YOUR ALL MONKEYS HERE Yo can you uh- not Oh Harghh Should I give him anotherc [email protected], another one? Hold on NUNUD5- oh ah yebuhdwah I’m dying It’s fine Get outta here, hello? Question mark? Okay I’m being really toxic I don’t even care though- I don’t even care! Call me ND5 again Call me ND5 again! Hwah hwagh- okay we need to run dude We need to run my friend Yo get out of here You chillin’? You’re chillin’ OH He left you exposed (Help me) He left your booty exposed Come ‘ere Dude you’re so bad at this game get out of my jungle Help help help help Lu-Lucian get in there! Lucian! Man up (Somehow I’ll make a man-) (Nope) Dude I-I’m actually toxic No for real I’m toxic dude I need to stop Stop me, I’m not even kidding dude I’m actually toxic I need uh- I need uh help I need help I need help dude I need you guys to help me Yo honestly, watch me whip Watch me whip, here we go Here we go Here we go HERE WE GO HEREWEGOHEREWEGO ONE SHOT COMBO Wombocombo If that ain’t Falco Did you guys- Did you guys just watch that 1000 AP oneshot right there dude Alright yo everyone in the chat who’s uh- From New Zealand um Can I- Can I come to your country? Will you let me? Like C-Can I- Can I live with you guys? Can I move in? I promise I won’t make much noise dude Like I might like you know- Oo oo ah ah like every once in a while But like for real dude Like can I move in? No?! What the heck?! WOWWWW Hold on I want to show the chat- hold on Hold on For people not looking at Twitch chat Let me show you something real quick I just asked politely if I can come to their country right? L-look ;-; No no no no no no no nonononononononono Not a single ye- Arometiz dude My- My dude My dude My man My woman My man I don’t know what you- What gender you are Dude I don’t even care what gender you are You’re moderator now Yo where’s this Ryze, honestly he’s boosted Like legit boosted you know what I mean? Where you at where you at? Where you at Get out of my jungle flonkslonk Hold on let me give him a lil’ [email protected] in the all chat Give him a little cursive i-italics [email protected] right there Girl you better watch yourself You better wa- You better watch yourself Fiora! Ahh I was kidding I was kidding It’s a prank bro (Oh my dude you just got pranked) (Bet you didn’t see that one coming huh) Yo mess ’em up mess ’em up Hwah Hwagh Yo I’m coming back I’m coming back I’m waiting for the thing to drop Ohho she just got The briefcase to the face It sound like I uh- I choked on my own words or something Y’know Wait what are you doin’? Choking? What is it? Gyazo better not be a hack, fishing link OH MY GOSH Wait is this legit a part of it? Okay I’ll have to- I have to show you guys don’t I? I’ll show you Wait what is this? What is that? What is that stuff dude? No for real Yo I’m actually about to pop off dude I’m literally gonna dive I’m gonna dive so hard Oh kreygasm Here we go, ready? T minus 7 6 5 4 3 On the drop HERE WE GO OHH BADA BING BADA BOOM That was a Zhonya, oneshot holy fishmoley Help me help me Need assistance Need assis-ti-ance Okay I’m running I’m runnin’ I’m flashing Dude wait do I not have flash up? Do I not have flash up guys? Am I a monkey brain? Yo honestly, I’m bout to pop off- Wait is that my ulti? HOL- OH HE BROUGHT IN NUNU HE BROUGHT IN NUNU COME HERE Freelo Let’s go dude Another one And another one Hold on Nooo- wait Triple triple triple No! My triple, you guys honestly I should just let you guys die It’s okay though, worth What am I going next dude? Guardian Angel, the guardian of angels? I’m going Guardian Angel, I’m going to be an angel I have to I have to Guardian Angel Look how cool this looks (You fly that thing like you had it your whole life) (Ehehehahahaha ehaha see ya) HAHA get pranked Do you think you’re getting away that easily? Not today Oh oh ahewadabadabada Dude she’s honestly so op Alright we’ll save our ulti Dude honestly Wukong is busted Who agrees with me? Who agrees that Wukong is busted dude That’s it dude That’s it WHAT? Boom Dang it heh Did I forget to what? Did I remember to feed all my Neopets today? Dude I fed all my Neopets I always feed my Neopets Help me team! OH SHE ULTIED THE WRONG ONE AHHA OH we’re op We’re op that’s confirmed it Oh is this the penta? (Gasp) The penta Come here Come here It’s fine it’s fine I got GA dude It’s fine. It’s still the penta Well it’s not Dang it dude Dang it man Whatever it’s okay, it’s fine You know what? We got a triple I’m happy with the triple, you know what Beggars can’t be choosers I’m gonna go something- I’m gonna do something a little crazy today dude I’m gonna do something a little nuts alright? And that is Edge of night I have so much lethality now dude Oh my- I’m at 500 AD and so much lethality Oh man it’s-it’s about to get nasty dude It’s about to get dirty It’s about to get dirty OHHHH HOLY DAMAGE DUDE (Exhales) (Laughs) Wait last hit Yes hahaha Kill secured Dude this does so much damage How much lethality- I have 45 lethality dude And 45% armour shred Holy- and that’s without cleaver and my Q With my cleaver and my Q it’s 100% Goodness Dude I can’t kill her can I? Not yet- ohhh Okay now we can, now we can 1, 3, 2 Let’s go [email protected] Dude Fiora’s busted huh? Oh my gosh, that is damge Holy- oh Help me team! Oh I’m so bad, if I saved my W Ah, that’s okay whatever The back door? The back door Xpeke Mundo? Can he pull it off? Wait they’re dying Wait they’re dy- Come on Xpeke hahaha Okay, alright he did it And the Mundo Xpeke in the end Was able to pull off the backdoor Nobody even saw that one coming dude (Improve your skills! Then find me again.)