Disrespected for Wearing a Hijab

When I started ed high school I was the only
girl in the entire school who wore hijab and I was really scared. I was nervous
And I stood out so much. I was afraid that people questioned me and
look at me weirdly. But they didn’t and everyone seemed to accept
me so I started to feel comfortable. So late in the year I was sitting in class
minding my own business while a group of guys across the classroom were playing ‘Truth
or Dare.” One of the guys from the group comes up behind
me and they pull my hijab off. And I just froze on the spot and I was so
shocked. So I just took my blazer off and I covered
my hair. I wanted to go to the teacher and I as was
walking, the guy and his friends come up to me and they try pulling my blazer of my head
saying, “now let me see your hair, let me see your hair.” And I felt so attacked and I wanted to cry
and I was shivering and I said “please leave me alone.” Luckily somehow I managed to get away from
them and I went up to the teacher and I told these guys made a dare to pull my scarf off
and I don’t know what to do because people saw my hair. And she spoke to me and said “it’s okay
don’t worry just quickly go to the bathroom and fix it up.” So…I ran as fast as I could down the stairs
across the passages and what not. I went to the bathroom
And I was so shaky, I went to call my dad I was freaking out. I eventually calmed down and I fixed my hijab
and I made it back to class. All the learners were gone, and the guy who
pulled my hijab off was standing in class with the teacher and she was scolding him,
yelling at him and shouting at him. And he looked like he was about to cry and
so at the moment I felt “you know, he learned his lesson.” So afterwards, the boy left and my teacher
came up to me and she asked if I was okay and I said, “yes”. And she said, “if anything happens to me
again, to me again I should like to know.” I felt okay after that and I’m pretty sure
everyone forgot about that moment