Discarded Greyhounds Imprisoned, Neglected, and Farmed for Their Blood

This is a dog blood farm, and believe it or
not, it’s real—and part of an industry that has no federal oversight. Here, dogs were held in
horrendous conditions so that their blood could be drawn and sold to veterinary clinics. The Pet Blood Bank in Cherokee, Texas, confined
150 greyhounds—many of whom had been discarded by the racing industry—to filthy, dilapidated
wire kennels full of potholes in this old shed that used to house turkeys. They were allowed out of the kennels only
twice a month at most, at which time they were taken to this trailer, where their blood
was drawn. They were treated like commodities to be stuck
over and over again. The rest of the time, they were imprisoned
in these kennels. With nothing to do, they spun in circles and
frantically jumped up and down. They were desperate for exercise, stimulation,
and attention, but they never got any. They were perpetually caged, lonely, fearful,
and slowly going out of their minds, day after day. Some of the dogs were terrified of people, cringing and cowering when workers walked by. This dog is so unsocialized and terrified
that she urinated on herself when approached. In the summer, the heat index soared past
100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, temperatures plummeted to below
20 degrees. The dogs had nothing but old plastic chemical
tanks for shelter, sometimes with a few wood shavings. Greyhounds have very little body fat and thin
hair coats. They shivered violently in the cold. Dogs were found with massive sores like these. Others had severely inflamed gums and rotting
teeth. Still others were covered with ticks and fleas. They were all denied proper veterinary care. The blood taken from these dogs was probably
used to treat other dogs who have loving homes, warm beds, and plenty of attention. Don’t all dogs deserve that? Please visit PETA.org/Bloodbank to learn what
you can do to help. Thank you.