Dinosaur Attack Profiles: The Aggressive Carnivores | Jurassic World | Mattel Action!

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] On this episode of Dino Attack Profiles, (dinosaur noises) we’ll be visiting with some
of the deadliest animals in the park. (dinosaur noises) The aggressive carnivores. A Suchomimus races
through a watering hole on Isla Nublar. Her name means crocodile mimic, and we can see why. Her snout has
small pits along it to help detect
fish and other prey in the watering hole. Normally a popular
feeding ground, today it could be her graveyard. She’s being tracked by a
hungry Tyrannosaurus rex, weighing as much
as two elephants. The T-Rex eats over
300 pounds a day, which means the Suchomimus
is in the wrong place. (dinosaur roaring)
at the wrong time. The T-Rex is highly aggressive, and has a bite like none other. She can chomp down with
34,000 Newtons of force, cutting through the
toughest of heights. (dinosaur roaring) The Suchomimus has a few
tricks up her sleeve though. She possesses a powerful tail, allowing her to swing
it back and forth with deadly force. And with razor-sharp claws, staying away from her
grip is a wise choice. Though out-sized, the Suchomimus will not
(dinosaur roaring) go quietly. Unfortunately for
the Suchomimus, Tyrannosaurus rex doesn’t mean king tyrant lizard for nothing. (dinosaur roaring) (dramatic music intensifies) With the T-Rex unable to
follow the smaller dino through the dense jungle, the Suchomimus makes her escape. (dinosaur stomping sounds) But somehow her luck
is about to get worse. (dinosaur screeching) Blue is a velociraptor, a highly intelligent
species in its own right. Blue is unlike other
velociraptors though. She has the benefit
of genetic engineering and human training. Blue is 20% bigger, and with large razor-sharp
claws on her toes, Blue is one of the smartest
and deadliest animals on the island. Blue would not
normally hunt an animal of this size alone, but the Suchomimus
doesn’t know that. As Blue forces her
deeper and deeper into the jungle, a Suchomimus goes
further and further into Blue’s trap. Velociraptors use their
highly developed chirps to communicate with each
other during a hunt. And while the
Suchomimus is too much for Blue alone, (dinosaur breathing sounds) the pack will be up to the task. (dramatic music intensifies) (dinosaurs roaring) Though danger and
excitement lurk around every corner, it’s just another day in our
Jurassic World adventure. (dinosaur roaring) (dinosaur stomping sounds) (dinosaurs roaring)