DEAR BULLY! – Cyberbully

They hate me with no reason Comparing me with others on an unfair competition Sometimes I wonder, Am I just like a clown to be laughed at? I still can stand the situation if this only happens a few minutes each day But this.. This.. this.. It always haunts me 24 hours It makes me believe that… I am not needed… I am a trash… and the world is better without me… Yes, the world is better without me So I decided to bid farewell to the world Yes, good bye to a world that doesn’t need me anymore Good bye to myself who is like a clown to be laughed at 1 out of 8 children in Indonesia has experienced cyber-bullying and cyber-threat 1 out of 10 cyber-bullying victim committed suicide. In a year, there are 4,500 children who committed suicide Based on Indonesian Statistics Center in 2006, the cyber-bullying case in Indonesia reached 25,000,000 cases And it doubled in 2013-2014 With little efforts of combating cyber-bullying, there will be more Indonesian children who have low self-esteem Good bye to my old self Who is always quiet, accepting, downcast and stagnant So… I must change.. I won’t let them get what they want I won’t let their words define my future