DEALING WITH CYBERBULLYING |Thế giới sẽ TRỞ NÊN TỐT ĐẸP HƠN nếu mọi người đều có việc tốt hơn để làm

Hello everyone! I guess you all have heard about Sulli Choi I was on set shooting yesterday and as soon as I read the news I was really shocked and really sad… Because I follow her on Instagram so I always see her photos and videos smiling and spreading positive energy everyday So when I heard about the news, that feeling is like a feeling of losing a friend of mine When I was little, whenever I heard stories like this I always wondered why did they do it why so foolish? why did they choose such a painful way? But now it’s true that whoever has been through the same thing whoever are in the same situation whoever have been at their bottom that couldn’t see any way out are the only ones who can understand the reasons to this action I know that this is a very sad story so I won’t talk about this too much but through this, today I want to sit down and talk to you guys about a serious problem which is bullying or more specifically, cyberbullying and the consequences that it carries From now on I don’t want you guys to think that only weak people are affected by others’ opinions about them Artists work base a lot on their emotions because without emotions, how can they be creative, imagine how can they act so well and be into their roles that much how can they perform, create for everyone else to see? As you know, what artists wish for the most is nothing but to receive support from the audience but when their own audiences turn their backs to them or when are criticized by their own audience nothing could affect our minds compare to that I’m saying this because myself, I have been through a depressed time like that and everyone told me that don’t mind nor care about what others say but… it’s sooo hard. I mean I know to let it go but how? How can I ignore what others say? That has always been my question I don’t want to mention about that a lot because it was such a dark time in my life and everyone will have times when they are so tired and sad like that Because I make videos for you guys and have you guys following me so I only want to show out only what’s good and happy because everyday when you get home after work, school, you’re already so tired So I don’t want you guys to see me feeling tired or hear sad stories from me and I think that the darkest period in life that I have been through was when Thang and I broke up We were living our own lives, different and separate ways I was facing a lot of things that happened in life but seemed to had no one by my side All my friends were far, like Duy he was in Saigon my sister was in Singapore and I didn’t want to tell my parents about it because I don’t want them to be sad and worry My parents would get really sad if they know their daughter is having a lot of troubles in life so I always wanted to face them and get over them by myself Please imagine that everyday when I wake up open my messages and all of it are curses even to my family even though they did nothing wrong and all the rumors that aren’t true and they just keep appearing to hundreds and thousands day by day but what matters the most is that so many people believe in those rumors I always believe that I’m strong-minded even think that I’m like a man, that my mentality is strong and that I’ll never be shaken by others’ sayings that aren’t true But only the people that have been through this can understand what it’s like now, just close your eyes and imagine you’re in a classroom there are 10 people pointing at you and curse at you criticize you judge at your insecurities, what you feel most inferior about yourself at your imperfections and they just keep doing that for a thousand days maybe just a week is enough how do you guys feel? and that’s just only 10 people i hope you guys can somehow understand the pressure that a victim is under while an artist has millions of audience I’ve thought a lot before making this video because this is a pretty sensitive topic but I still want to speak up my mind about this and talk about this topic and I hope that you guys will support me with this and that you guys will understand This topic has been talked and discussed about a lot on social media already But I don’t see that we are thinking of that very seriously and that this is some kid thing Many people are probably thinking that these are just words, why should we make this such a big problem just turn a deaf ear, don’t pay attention to it But guys, please, never, never advice anyone to turn a deaf ear to that! Because it’s just like when someone just hit right at you and people turn to them and say that just ignore it, don’t need to care that they hit you just don’t get hurt then it’s fine It’s like that guys! because people outside can’t understand the pain that you’re feeling we all know that we are living in a 4.0 world, a generation of great technology So all the good influences will be spread strongly but also all the negative comments, criticises, online judgements but they can leave behind very real effects that can damage our mental health and I think that this is the cruelest, meanest thing that people can do to each other in this industrialise revolution era Don’t ever think that you’re a bullier only when you are in front of someone and you’re cursing them without any reasons or you’re only a bad guy if you make up some bad story about your friends or family Don’t ever make any seconds of entertainment that you thought is harmless turn you into an evil person and a careless human Indirect actions can lead to regrettable consequences And secondly, I want to talk and share with those who are victims of this to those who are feeling like everyone and the world have turned their backs to you that you’re in a stalemate and you feel depressed Everyone is different, our problems are different so I can’t say that I can understand everything you’re feeling or understand your whole story That’s why I’m here today, to talk with you guys and vitalise more strength for you to face bulliers out there! After what I’ve been through, here are some of my experiences on how to get pass those dark times The first thing when you are being bullied is you shouldn’t blame yourself if what they are saying is not true or that they are criticizing your imperfections just like when they are always bringing up about you gaining weight or about your height that you’re too short and too small to criticise and to gibe you or make up stories that aren’t true about you then for that stuff, you don’t need to care about it and don’t blame yourself they’re doing it to bring you down and make you feel sad so don’t make it matter the 2nd thing is don’t dangle around those words don’t read them for 24/7 and don’t think about what others are saying about you just delete those messages block those who are bullying you it can be like a digital detox take a break from social media it can be anything as long as you don’t have to look at those bad comments and negative thoughts anymore Instead, focus on the good things write down some things that you like about yourself For me I usually look back at old photos when I was happy watch over and over again videos when I was my happiest Sometimes I’m told that what am I wearing, they don’t understand turn off your phone I stand in front of the mirror and try on different outfits that I like and then like compliment myself a bit, I’m a bit crazy but nevermind^^ When I’m sad already I want to try to do anything that can pull my happy vibes back and I’m being told that my voice is high-pitched and annoying but I consider it as a comment, opinion So I try to practice talking in front of the mirror film video or record to try to improve it, bring my voice down a little so that people can hear better and they’ll like it more when watching my videos some people also told me that watching my videos are a bit scary because of my popped-eye and I realise yeah that’s true so I try to fix it try to practice everyday and I also tell those around me that whenever they see my eyes popped, just hit me so I know that I’m bulging my eyes because I can’t control it! there are some small comments like that but for example, words like “I’m so short” or… my skin is so tanned I just ignore it because I’m not gonna go whiten my skin nor make my legs longer So I will not put my mind into that What can be change then I’ll change The next thing is to learn how to control our emotions and pressure Because everyone can be stress, everyone has their own pressure in life There’s a saying: “this is a game of chicken” so the only thing that differ us is who’s braver, stronger and everyone are under pressure in their own way every age we have different pressure and every age we face different types of bullying right? we can’t stop them from saying or from texting us so we can only control ourselves So if we can’t stop bulliers, we have to make ourselves tougher and stronger to fight against them! Because I’m a pretty emotional human, easy to laugh but also easy to get sad, easy to cry, get crazy,etc that’s also why I work out often, try many different things I’m doing both boxing and meditation I do boxing when I need to get all my bad energy out and when I need to calm my nerves, control my emotions to think clearer, I’ll meditate and do yoga With a strong mind, that you know who you are and what you need to do and that you use your time to spend on doing great things then all the bad comments out there will not be near you The next thing is to share and talk with your friends, family, your loved ones for help and advices Every challenges will be easier if you have the help and advices from everyone around you When I was at my darkest times, I was always thinking about it and not having any way out I thought that I’m the only one who can help me and no one else can I was really lucky that my friends saw the problems I was facing my sister saw what was going on with me and drag me out, tell me to talk to everyone and share it out and everyone gave me really objective opinions At then my friends talked about my strength, what’s good and nice about me and told me the reason why they were with me after talking to them, I figured out oh I still have this trait and this trait that’s why they are still with me so I’ll keep those traits and I also shared with them honestly about my weaknesses, what I’m still not good at and I also want to hear from them what it’s not really good about me and that I can improve on so my friends told me what it’s true and that I can improve and what is just mocks that I need to ignore Those are your good friends and who you should be grateful for you should treat them nicely the next thing is to make yourself happy! normally when we’re not feeling good, we’ll get bored at our job bored and tired at everything around us at times like that you should find a new hobby or a new interest that you want to pursuit this is one way to keep yourself busier and to think less about the negative thoughts This is one of my favorite quote for years now and I always think about it whenever I meet someone that behave badly towards me which is: “The world will become a better place if each of us have better things to do” The first time I heard this I still had to think about it a lot, but the more I hear it, the more I think it’s true Just think about it! Next is, try to do more charities, social and community events if possible I learn this mostly from my father I think that my dad has been through much worse things in life than me he always tells me to remember to do good things so you will feel that you’re being good and helpful as well