Dealing with Bullying | How to deal with bullies

Let me assure you that you are not the only
one. We all have faced it at some point in our
lives or are still facing it. They are the bullies. In society, you will often come across some
obnoxious beings who are intolerant and seeks pleasure by irritating or disturbing others. For some, it kind of entertainment and hobby. They simply try to intimidate us to make us
do something that we don’t want to do. The bullies often try tomake us feel bad about
ourselves and in most times they succeed. They are often a source of depression for
many students, especially in high schools. So, now the question is that is there any
way to deal with the bullies or we will just have to succumb to the derogatory remarks
that they make about us?The most important step to deal with the bullies is to use your
hegemonic power. It basically means that you will not deny
what they are saying or asking you to do by using force but try to convince them why you
don’t want to do it. You need to know that most bullies have become
like that because they are not loved by anyone. Hence, if you treat them well, you can solve
the problem from its roots. Remember that there is no substitute for hard
work. If you keep on working hard and just believe
in your own capabilities, there is no force on Earth that can derail you from your track. Just stay focused and letthem talk whatever
they want to. Your success will speak for yourself. Once you are successful, they will move away
by themselves. Remember, former US Presidents Bill Clinton
and Barack Obama were bullied when they were a child. It very well justifies how success is the
best answer to all your problems. You knowit well that empty vessels make more
noise. You should also try to understand and realize
that why you are being bullied. If you understand that it is your fault that
is making you a laughingstock, you need to work on them and groom yourself. If you are bullied and you know that you are
going wrong somewhere, it might be your way of approachability or way of speaking, you
need to work on it and overcome that problem of yours. It is also very important to face the bullies
boldly. As much as you try to hide from them, they
will hunt you even more. Think of the bullies as some challenges in
your life and face them boldly. Listen to what they say but never take what
they say seriously. Hence stay focused and don’t get distracted. Most importantly use your brains and not brawn
to deal with the bullies. Do not waste your energy on something that
will not give you anything in return. Hence, keep on educating yourself which will
help you to outwit them. Keep yourself engaged in different kinds of
works and automatically you will stop paying attention to what a bully says. If you know someone who is being bullied,
you should help him or her and if it is serious then you shoulddefinitely report it to an
adult. Don’t get bullied or let anyone get bullied.