Deaf in a Hearing World

When I was a freshman in my high school I was very depressed. because I was in a new high school having no friends I was a deaf, hispanic girl wearing cochlear implants – thats a device that helps me hear. When I arrived at my new high school it felt like a completely different world. I didn’t know anyone. Nobody cared. Nobody asked me how I felt or if I was okay or not All the people usually avoid me because I was deaf or gave me a disgusted look “Is she deaf or what?” they would usually whisper like that. I didn’t like that. I felt very sad. I was living in a cold, grey, and isolated world. I was in my poetry class, There was a brown-haired guy sitting in front of me. He gave me a note. It shocked me. I never had a note before. I opened it. He was asking me if I would like a friend. He was a complete stranger. You know, I didn’t trust anyone. But I was still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Eventually I became his best friend. He talked to me like I wasn’t deaf. And I was happy. He made me feel like I belonged. I usually hang out with him. We’re always drawing something new or working on the story He remains to be my best friend today. My best friend treated me like I every hearing person. I truly learned the true meaning of friendship I can’t really hear but I’m willing to help my friends. He changed me and I’m really thankful to him for that. I’m really, really happt to have a friend like him.