Dascha Polanco Tells Kayleigh’s Story: I Wouldn’t Let Anyone Bully Me

I’m a planner. Very big on Pro and Con lists. It might sound simple, but that’s how I’ve always approached making big choices in life. I lay out all the facts, evaluate the information, and then make the best decision possible. ♪music playing♪ So when I found out I was a month pregnant, very unexpectedly, I made the list. Pro: I’ve always wanted to be a mother. This was my chance. Con: My pregnancy wasn’t planned. I was a full-time student with a full-time job. I barely had time to juggle my current responsibilities. It didn’t take long for my list to reveal that I was not ready to raise a child with the care and attention they deserved. So, I made the best decision possible for me: I scheduled an abortion. But in Texas, once I had made my decision, there were a whole bunch of obstacles that others put in my way. I am a woman who trusts her own opinions. I was not about to let anyone bully me. I was surprised to find that the process actually made me feel braver. It was an active choice. My choice, that I made. I know I was strong, but many women are made to feel shame and spend much of their lives pretending it didn’t happen. I’m proud I had the guts to make the right choice for myself. When I become a parent, I’ll teach my children that the bravest thing they can do is to plan for their future. How can we trust women to make smart choices for their children but not trust them with the decision to have children? When it comes to protecting the right to choose, all I see are pros. I’m Dascha Polanco, and I draw the line for Kayleigh. ♪music playing♪