Dark Souls 2 True Pacifist Run [16] – Demon of Song

Phew… That was intense… Uhm… My friends, fellow Guardians of the Crypt,
my name is Sol also known as SolTheCleric and welcome to episode 16 of my True Pacifist
Run of the original Dark Souls 2. Now that damn frog is dead and buried, I can
finally enter the Undead Crypt to have a special chat with Velstadt but not before meeting
the last standing Fenito and my only ally here in the Crypt: Grave Warden Agdayne. Agdayne is not only the sole summon available
inside of the Undead Crypt (in this version of the game at least), but also is one of
the best merchants for this run, in fact he sells a lot of useful stuff like 13 Human
Effigies, the Ring of Thorns +1, and the Warmth Pyromancy. So, before going shopping, I’m gonna need
to dupe enough souls to buy everything I need and also to level up Strength up to 30 in
order to be able to use my greatshield single handed as Velstadt is extremely aggressive
and can easily one shot me if don’t react fast enough while I’ll be trying to fish for
some very specific attacks of his. So yep, no parry strategy here. Ok, let’s get back to Majula… Ok let’s… oh wait… let’s get all our stuff
back first. And also this little thing over here. Very good, let’s explore this Crypt. Hi there. See you later, smurf. Very well, let’s try to open the shortcut
to the boss area shall we? Nameless Usurper again? Oh don’t worry I have saved this Seed of a
Giant’s Tree just for you. Uh OK, OK, I get it just come over here… That’s what I wanted. Nah that’s not gonna work… What’s wrong? You don’t like ghosts? Tsk, that’s a nice AI you have there. Could she be Lucatiel in disguise I wonder? Come on, just a little more… And good riddance. Uhm guys? Could you move? Ok?! thank you very much! And there you go… Let’s take this Soul Vessel… Uh ladder please… And here we go. All set. In the next episode we’ll face the Royal Aegis:
Velstadt. This is SolTheCleric and peace out.