Dark Souls 2 True Pacifist Run [14] – Looking Glass Knight

My friends, fellow black phantoms, my name
is Sol also known as SolTheCleric and welcome back to yet another episode of my True Pacifist
Run of Dark Souls 2 Vanilla. In this episode we’ll finally meet Benhart
of Jugo here in Drangleic Castle. The problem is that our supposedly Caledonian
friend is stuck in a room that is normally reachable only after defeating the Dragonriders. And here’s another problem: in this version
of the game, there aren’t any summons available for that fight: so, yep, no Pilgrim Bellclaire
this time… So we have two options here: we either have
to try to defeat the Dragonriders with the Old Sun Ring and waste an enormous amount
of time farming for souls to buy Repair Powder and then hope not to die (so that we don’t
have farm over and over again) or we can just skip the next bossfight entirely with this
special parry-walking skip that I had to come up with exclusively for this run. And remember: this is all just to be able
to speak to Benhart. So let’s see… here I have get to get past
this rock… and then try to reach those stairs over there. Hopefully dodging all of these invisible walls
around here… Aaaand here we go. Goodbye Dragonriders! And hello there, my friend. So right now, Benhart can be summoned for
the Looking Glass Knight bossfight but, before jumping into the fight, let’s retrieve another
Estus Flask Shard here in the Castle as we’re really gonna need all the help that we can
get especially in the next area of the game and you known what I’m talking about right? Yeah. That one. So normally, in order to proceed here, we’re
supposed to kill yet another Stone Soldier to activate yet another Golem in order to
activate an elevator to obtain a certain key required to open a certain door, but luckily
enough, thanks to the magic of parry-walking, we won’t have to do any of this. The hell with that: you’ll see it in a bit. Also as little fun fact here: contrary to
Royal Guards, Cyan Soldiers cannot open doors apparently. So if I close this one, they just won’t be
able to follow me anymore. Goodbye. Ok, Benhart has moved so let’s upgrade our
Estus Flask once again and finish our preparations for the next bossfight: the Looking Glass
Knight. Very good. Now let’s pay a visit to Mr. Mirror Shield. This boss is, as expected, gonna be the strongest
of the ones that we faced up until now so we really gonna have to use every trick up
our sleeve for this one. Let’s go summon Benhart first… So get through this wall… get on top of this corridor to load the room, and *plup* we’re past the door. Ok guys, wish me luck. Phew… That was messier than I thought: Gower’s Ring
definitely saved my life at least once here. Ok and here we are. Every new player’s favorite area. Let’s see… well, let’s at least light up
the first bonfire, shall we? Homeward… can I? Please? Thank you. And there we go. In the next episode, the
Shrine of Amana ladies of gentlemen. Pretty sure it’s gonna be fun. This is SolTheCleric and peace out.