Dark Souls 2 True Pacifist Run [11] – Last Giant

My friends, fellow faceless golems, my name
is Sol also known as SolTheCleric, the Dark Souls Pacifist and welcome to episode 11 of
my True Pacifist Run of Dark Souls 2. In this episode, we’ll finally face the Last
Giant. This boss, of all the bosses encountered up
until now in this pacifist run, is going to be, by far, the hardest one. In fact, Pate, the only summon available for
this bossfight, deals very very little damage, has a terrible aim and, in order to survive,
needs to be constantly healed. So I’ll have to make use of quite a few Amber
Herbs to repeatedly replenish my casts of Great Heal and Whisper of Despair. And also, the Redeye ring is, unfortunately,
not gonna help me at all in here. This is the last of the bosses that we’ll
face in the early-game and, from this point on, we’ll experience a very steep difficulty
spike in this challenge run. The easy part of the run ends here. Wish me luck. Well that took a while… Now, let’s get back to Tseldora and gather
all the upgrade materials that we reasonably can as we’re gonna need them soon enough. Ok guys, this is it for this episode and in
the next one we will be forced to bend the rules of reality and break this game even
more starting with our best long-standing ally: the Force of Gravity. This is SolTheCleric and peace out.