Darius Graduates TEENS REACT!

– Wait, wait. Are you guys
in the episode? – (Mikaela) No.
– (Maddie) No? Okay. – (Mikaela) Let’s go.
– (Micah) Guys, where we going? – We’re going to go
see a frickin’ mini horse! – Hey, we’re gonna go see a mini–
– (Mikaela) Shhh. – (whispers) And it’s down here. And I’m being very quiet.
I don’t think they can hear me from the other room,
but it’s for a Try Not to Touch, and it’s very echo-y in here.
And isn’t life exciting? Now I’m upside down.
– (JC) Get you behind the camera. There’s free coffee
in the break room, and it’s really good.
There’s like five different types of coffee.
I swear it’s crack. – (Micah) Okay, I lost ’em. – (whispers) Oh, we found it.
Come here, come here, come here. – (Eric) Shhh.
– (Mikaela gasps) Aww, look how cute it is. (chuckles)
– (Brandon snorting) – Oh my god. He lost his glasses.
– (Micah) Don’t stand behind him. He might kick you.
– (Mikaela) Maddie, be careful. He’s gonna kick you.
– (Eric) Oh no! – It sounded like
it was chaotic. – It did. I walked in,
I was like…. “That’s just Brandon.”
(chuckles) – Hey, guys. Can we make sure
that the disembodied limbs go where they’re supposed to,
not just under whatever this is? – (Mikaela) Sorry.
– In the fridge. It’s just like… there are rules, right?
And there are rules that need to be followed.
– (Maddie) Mikaela dropped this. I think she was trying to take it.
– (Brandon) Oh, was she? – (Maddie) Yeah.
– (Brandon) Okay, well… Jeez Louise. ♪ (whimsical music) ♪
– Hey, guys! (quieter) Hey, guys.
(louder) HEY! – Darius is…
– (Micah) Oh? – …shooting his last Teens React.
Very last one, and he has been here literally three to four times
the amount of time that I have been working here.
– (Micah chuckles) – It’s crazy. He’s been here
since he was such a little child, so now that he’s actually moving on
from Kids React to Teens React and now adults…
Hey, everyone this– Darius. This is my last Teens React.
Kind of be like, I started all the way back in 2011
on Kids React, went through teens,
and now you’re gonna see me on Adults React.
– I basically grew up with all of you guys who have watched
this show since the beginning. And to me, that’s the best part
about being on this, you know? Growing up with people
that I don’t even know that tell me, “I used
to watch you as a kid, and now I’m still watching you today.”
And if I meet you guys and you guys tell me that,
it’s one of the most heartfelt things ever.
It feels really good to not expect this to be
as big as it is and to meet people that love me
just for being myself. And it makes me feel
so much more confident. And you guys changed my life forever,
and I love you guys all. And I’ll see you guys
on Adults React! Ayyyy! What’s up?
– (Benny) Nine years, Darius. – Ayyy!
– (Benny) Nine years. – I got the cap.
– (both laugh) – Nine years! I can’t wait
to go on Adults, ’cause I know I’m gonna
be doing some savage stuff, and it’s gonna be great.
– (chuckles) – I’m ready for that for sure.
– You’re only the third to go kids ->teens ->adults.
– Dang. – You’re the first to do that
that was as young as you were on Kids React, ’cause the others were 13 on Kids React,
but you were 11. – It’s like a whole evolution.
– Yeah. – I remember being so hyped
to be on YouTube. And now look. It’s a trip.
– (Micah) So, Brandon… – Yes?
– (Micah) The Area 51 shirts… – You mean this one right here?
– (Micah) Oh, the same. – I think Celeste can
help me with this one. Celeste! Where are
the Area 51 2 shirts? – Maybe you should go
ask Clayton downstairs. He’s our merch guy!
– (Brandon laughs) – (Micah) Celeste told me
to come down here, says you have some news
about the Area 51 shirts? – Yeah, we’re packing up
the second version of the SuperFam-exclusive
Area 51 T-shirts. – (Micah) So people should be
getting their shirts soon? – Yeah. What is it, Thursday?
Should get it by mid next week. – (Micah) Okay. So, if it’s
mid next week, by the time this comes out, that’s this week.
This comes out on a Tuesday, so like…
– Well, I don’t want, you know, to be held accountable.
– (Micah) Oh, good point. Okay. – But they should have arrived–
– I’ll be held accountable and say, “You should
be getting it this week if you got it in time.”
– Hi, what’s up? My name is Celeste.
– ♪ Been spendin’ most their lives ♪ ♪ Livin’ in the gangsta’s paradise ♪ – The horse’s name
is Baby Shark. And it has a pig friend–
a friend that’s a pig named Henry. He’s the sweetest thing ever, too.
– (handler 1) Isn’t he adorable? – We did– ’cause we’re doing
a Try Not to Touch, and he’ll–
there was a certain point where it was, like,
all right, try not to touch, because the horse
is literally touching you. The horse just went up
to everybody. Also, I have a question. – (Micah chuckles)
– I assume I can’t… I wouldn’t be able
to ride this horse. I won’t. – (handler 1) No.
– (Jack) Would a small child be able to– like, say I had
a mustang, and my child could be saddled up
on young Baby Shark here, would that work?
– (handler 2) He’s still too young. – (handler 1) Yeah.
– But soon he’ll ride. I just gotta wash my hands.
But so, we’re doing a Try Not to Touch, and that is
the final level. And it’s– the other stuff–
Miya’s producing it. The other stuff is
a lot of nostalgia stuff, like… ah, what is it?
Tamagotchi and a Furby and a viewfinder.
And then they bring out that ace up their sleeve:
a mini horse. Easily the hardest not to touch.
Maybe from a distance, you’re like, “Oh,
I think it’ll be okay.” The horse literally went up
and started licking one of their knees. ♪ (whimsically eerie music) ♪ – We like spoopy time
here in post. We’ve got–
– (Micah) That’s a little– Is that a Christmas Halloween tree?
– No, it’s a– it’s a– it’s a Hallo–
it’s a Halloween tree. (laughs) – (Micah) “Halloween tree.”
– (Niomi) It’s because we wanted more spoopy decorations,
but we didn’t have enough as a centerpiece, and we have
this black Christmas tree. – (Kat) I just get paid
in treats. That’s it. I don’t work here. (laughs) – Take your dog treats. (laughs)
– (Micah) It’s taking the dog-friendly workplace
to a whole new level. – (dog barking) – (Micah whispers) Hey,
Stephen. Who’s that? – (whispers) Never
seen him before. – (Micah) He’s a roustabout, I bet. Where does the dog come from? – (Megan) From love. – (Micah) Where does the dog come from?
– From love. – (Micah) Aww. That’s beautiful.
– (Stephen) Didn’t we all? – (Megan) Yes. Yes, we did.
That’s accurate. – (Tom) Hey, friends!
Whoa. Giant pool. You see a lot of people that–
there’s been a lot of gaming influencers
that have raised money for a ton of different charities
like St. Jude and stuff like that. This is solely a pitch to get
a lot of content creators to band together to try
to raise money for this issue and plant 20 million trees.
That’s cool. I feel like this is so specific,
because it’s so tangible. It’s like $1 equals one tree.
So, if you donate $1, there’s another tree in the world! A tree is such a big thing.
For 20 million of those to– that were basically nonexistent before
to actually have a place and are providing oxygen
for everything, it’s mind-boggling. It’s so weird,
especially ’cause there’s– I can’t imagine 2,000 of these pools
let alone 20 million trees. (audio fast-forwarding) – This is a special card.
And I put a little heart and a star. And if you get
this one, that means you got the one in the vlog.
Good luck. (audio fast-forwarding) ♪ (whimsical music) ♪ – (Micah) Hey, guys!
– Well today, we’re shooting real-life heroes, lava experiments,
and some ADR for IGTV. – (Micah) Did you say
“lava experiments”? Jay?
– Yes. – (Micah) I have heard
that we are doing a shoot called “Lava Experiments”?
– “Lava Experiments.” Okay. – (Micah) It’s got me really excited.
And I’m just trying to find out what that means.
– Ooh. Are we going to Hawaii and we’re gonna mess
with the lava? – I think you should get
your expectations really high and assume that you’re
going to Hawaii. – I hope I’m there to shoot.
– (Micah) I’m so excited. We’re shooting it today,
so your flight’s probably pretty soon. – Oh, [bleep].
I need to go then. – (Micah) Go get packed.
– This is gonna be a fun one. – Unfortunately, we’re not actually
bringing lava onto set. We’re just watching
some really cool videos that have to deal
with lava experiments. – Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there. Beanies!
– We’re matching! Woohoo!
– We are the… um, what should we call our new team?
– (Vartuhi) Beanie Bosses! – The Beanie Bosses.
– (Edgar) Beanie Babies. – (Brandon) The Beanie– ohhh! – (Vartuhi) THE BEANIE BABIES!
– (Brandon) The Beanie Babies! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – We just wrapped
the Lava Experiment, right? It was videos of stuff
getting melted down and then poured on other stuff, right? You ever seen lava try
to fight dry ice? I did. It was a bit anticlimactic,
’cause they just neutralized each other, but it was
really interesting to see lava get poured on fireworks.
– (Micah) Ooh. – I have something in my teeth. Lava get poured on fireworks… (laughs) Lava get poured on fireworks…
(softly imitates explosion) – (Jack) Usually, we would end
the vlog right here, but it’s like, you kinda
can’t stop petting the horse. Well, thank you guys so much.
– (handler 1) Yeah. – This is just the greatest.
Thank you, Baby Shark. – (Micah) Thank you, Baby Shark.
– (handler 2 laughs)