D’Arcy Carden Worked As Bill Hader’s Babysitter Before She Was His ‘Barry’ Co-Star

– I am a huge fan of yours and I’m pretty bummed for y’all though, cause I found out this is the
last season of The Good Place. Are you bummed? – I am bummed, I’m very– (audience jeering)
– I know! – Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I was sad, I was mad, I was, I was– – [Kelly] All the emotions. – Depressed. But then Mike Schur the creator, he explained what the
season was gonna be like, and he took us through the finale and what this sort of journey
is for the end of the series, and it made sense. It really is beautiful. If you like the show,
you’re gonna love it. If you don’t like the show– – Why?
– What’s wrong with you? (audience laughing) – Why?
– That’s rude. – Check it out, check it out.
– That’s rude. Right?
(audience clapping) Yeah, it’s rude. – But–
– It’s rude of you to be here now.
(laughing) – So leave.
– Yeah. – No, but you’re also on
Barry with Bill Hader, and this is the most amazing story. You knew him before–
– I did! – Being on the show. – This is very strange, but
I used to babysit for him, well for his children, right? – Yeah. – And I’ve known him and his
family for almost a decade– – That’s the craziest– – Yeah! Oh, there we are, little buds. – And is he like everything
you hope him to be, cause I love him. – Yay, good. Yes he is.
– Okay. – You would love him. – He’s hilarious!
– He’s wonderful. This has been like an interesting journey to work for someone as their nanny and then the audition came along and I was kinda like, “I don’t know if we
should cross that line.” More like I didn’t want
him to have to say, “You didn’t get the part.” (laughing) To make that awkward
relationship happen, but… (laughing)
You know? But then, you know it all worked out, and he’s been really
supportive and wonderful, and you know, kind of like a… I think we are basically the same age, but he sorta gets weepy like a dad. He’ll be like, “I’m just so proud of you.” Like fully choked up.
– Aw! – Yeah, it’s cute! – So he’s super kind! – He’s nice, yeah.