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This is quite funny right? No If you too send such comments or messages to someone or if you receive these kind of messages.. then either you are a victim of cyber-bullying or you yourself are involved in cyber-bullying So, what is cyber-bullying? What impact it has on people? Can you save yourself from it? Today, I’ll tell you all about it Only on “RECHARGE” What is cyber-bullying? In simple words, the statements on your post or messages.. which make you or others uncomfortable or if you’re making fun of someone I mean if it involves trolling someone It is called cyber bullying Should I tell you about a fact? In the whole world India comes 3rd in terms of cyber-bullying… after China and Singapore Well At least, we are leading somewhere Soon we’ll be on number one According to a report In India, 8 out of 10 people are the victims of cyber-bullying Which means.. It is possible that you are one of them You might remember this post from 2017 which created a chaos on all social media platforms A lot of political groups started riots too At that time, Gurmehar received many threats But you know what the surprising part is? That these threats are prevailing till date It means that… After entering a media platform, cyber-bullying doesn’t stop It grows even more Who is responsible for spreading this? YOU! Isolation, anger, depression, anxiety, humiliation, illness these are just some effects of cyber-bullying But there are some cases where… people have committed suicide because of this issue You need to understand that one of your disgusting messages can affect someone so deeply Now you know what kind of damage cyber-bullying can cause but you can save yourself from this mess How? I’ll tell you Firstly, report it on that particular platform If someone is cyber-bullying you, then.. Take a screenshot of that post, comment or message and then report that post or person on the platform Social media platforms take such cases very seriously and take a very strict action in such cases SHARE Instead of keeping your emotions and anger within you, if you get cyber-bullied Share it with your friends and family If someone is blackmailing you with your private information You’ll be able to take a good decision if you share it with someone If you’ve ever helped your friend with such a thing then do let me know in the COMMENT section REPORT TO AUTHORITIES According to Section 66A of ITA 2000 Be it any digital platform Sending disgusting messages to someone Sharing wrong information or insulting someone through a comment All of these come under a “criminal offence” which comes with a 3 year jail time If a similar thing is happening with you then you can report it to you nearest cyber cell There are some NGO’s which work against cyber-bullying… helping you in every way they can “PARENTAL CONTROL APP” If you’re a parent or the eldest member in a family then you can use this “parental control app” Like.. FAMISAFE Which is a reliable parental control app Here, you can block unauthorized pages or apps You can track someone’s location You can also control the time your child spends on their phone It has a lot many secure features This app is available on both IOS and Android You just have to install this app on your as well as your child’s phone Register yourself and save your child from cyber-bullying For all the parents who love bargaining I have a coupon code (SENFSOFF) If you want you can use this coupon code The download link of this app provided is in the description So, this was the truth behind cyber-bullying Now you know how to save yourself from it I would love to read your views on this video in the COMMENTS LIKE & SHARE the video because someone else might need to see this video SUBSCRIBE to our channel and for more such content Do press the BELL ICON