Cyberbullying Rant

Cyberbullying. It’s a topic that the majority
of people over 25 cast aside with no thought in mind. If you tell someone like your grandfather
that you’re getting bullied online, you’ll most likely get a response like, “Just turn
of your device! You know, back in my day, we would get our butts kicked just for the
hell of it!” The issue is that they’re not our generation. In our generation, we live
in an era where you can get verbally and mentally bullied online while sitting at home away
from everyone. It take no effort for someone to just pick up their phone, find a random
person online, and say the worst stuff to them without context. The victim reads it,
takes it, and the victim who might even me bullied in real life, could now get bullied
at home, where they should feel safe. So, what’s the solution? Just turn off your device.
But first, you have to get any evidence, such as screenshots of the bullying. Then, you
block the bully, and go on your merry way. If they make a new account to bully you, that’s
your sign that they’re pretty desperate to hurt you, and you know that deep down they’re
the ones that are hurting, or they’re just bad people. But that’s not the point! Bullying
is bound to happen, whether it be for the bully’s amusement, or to fill some emotional
void. If you’re being bullied, there are so many resources to help you out. Your parents,
your teachers, your friends, even a hotline such as Kids Help Phone. Don’t be afraid to
let others know about your situation. Don’t suffer in silence. There’s always someone
on your side.