CYBERBULLYING by Marian Millano

According to Cyber Bullying Statistics, over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly making it the most popular form of Technology and a common medium for cyber bullying. About half of young people have experienced some form of cyberbullying and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly. Only 1 in 10 teens tells a parent if they have been a cyberbully victim and fewer than 1 in 5 cyberbullying incidents are reported to law enforcement. Cyber bullying have impacts on individuals and society. It provokes people to undertake extreme circumstances such as suicide. It affects one’s focus on their study. They are distracted and they are afraid to go to school thinking that they’ll be criticized by others. They prefer to be alone. Cyber bullying is against the law. If cyber bullying starts in media, we can also stop cyberbullying through media. If we can stop cyberbullying, one can focus more on their studies, people can focus on their jobs, more comfortable social life, they will not be distracted by the trauma of being cyberbullied. No more trauma or fear. One can gain more self-confidence, more comfortable learning environment. Through spreading this advocacy with the use of media itself, maybe the government will be more aware. There might create more laws against cyberbullying to protect Internet users. Be Confident! Social media will be safer. Spread awareness! Stop cyberbullying!