Hey guys whats going on, talking about Misha’s
new hit, cyberbully channels are cancer today. I have no hate for this kid or his brother. I personally don’t enjoy his content, but
I’m strongly against attacking or harassing someone because of something they created. I find criticism to be perfectly okay, but
many people don’t know the difference. In this entire song, there are exactly 42
different words. The word “Cancer” is repeated more often than
all of the other unique words combined, at 57. The moral of the story is that cyberbully
channels are cancer, but after doing much research, I have debunked this myth. There have been no recorded tumors with the
names RiceGum, LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, or Keemstar. Furthermore, there’s no evidence to suggest
cyberbully channels even cause cancer. Some have reported that their spicy meme game
really improved, while others seem to slowly sink into an abyss of sadness and/or constant
sarcasm. He states that all of these YouTubers are
assholes and retards. They may very well be assholes to those that
take their videos super seriously. But retards? I respectfully disagree, they all make a nice
living doing something they enjoy, kinda like your older brother who put you up to this. He kinda looks like he knew exactly what he
was getting this kid into… He also says Leafy and RiceGum bully little
kids. And while it’s true a lot of both of their
content is focused on kids, uh… well, okay he has a point there. But but… They do have those disclaimers right, effectively
rendering it as a joke, or just a prank bro, right… Yeah. And actually, your song here would be cyberbullying
as well. You call them really mean names. In all seriousness, it’s much different to
bully in the real world versus on YouTube for a few very important reasons. The main one being, if he wasn’t “cyberbullied”
his Pokemon GO song, along with this one, and his channel in general would be nowhere
near as big as it is now. They wouldn’t have that many views, which
means he actually got an enormous amount of free promotion and money from these people
he calls cancer. Whenever I see something like this going down,
the initial video, the response from the commentary channels, and then the back and forth going
on, I always wonder if it’s some big conspiracy. Like these guys are all working together. About Michal Florian AKA Mishovy šílenosti His real name is Michal or Mishal, not sure
how it’s pronounced, and his last name is Florian. He’s 9 AND A HALF years old. (yes, using half at this age is what I think
he would want me to do). His brother, Oldrich Florian, which I believe
is the mastermind behind all of this, will be 22 next month. They both live in the Czech Republic. He said in is 100K subscriber video he actually
started out making these videos with his brother and their actual goal was to make it provocative
on purpose, starting with his Minecraft song. So in a way, he kinda asked for it. Not death threats level, but a lot of the
rude comments they get at least. His channel name translates to Mishovy Madness,
Mishovy being his online identity I guess, but he calls himself Misha in this video. Misha has a space in his two front teeth. Whenever I read comments about it, I– it
hurts me too cause-cause secretly I have it as well. I heard them all growing up. My favorite was something along the lines
of getting mistaken for a football goal. Anyway guys… that will do it for today. Leave a like if you want. …Bye.