Cyber Expert Anuj Agarwal’s comments on “CYBER BULLYING”

what do we understand by cyberbullying when somebody’s harassing other person without his consent without is intent so then that person is following the other person now there are so many mediums to do it as you really rightly mentioned Facebook which is one of the most prominent medium apart from that it can be anything and everything it can be an email it can be whatsapp messages it can be on the Linden and it can follow the person wherever he or she goes so that’s what the gravity of the problem is we just can’t get out of it you can’t be in school you can be at home you can be a time all you can be at a restaurant this cyber bullying and that person who is following you is always goes with you so across the word this is becoming the most prominent problem you see earlier there used to be physical bullying but the law and the society has really taken care of it so the people who are used to that now have moved to the virtual world the cyber world and this is I think at least 40% to 50% the youngsters especially suffer from this particular Mehnaz even the adults have been suffering from this in a major way