Cyber Crime Show -Jaal-EP 02 – Cyber Stalking -20/04/2018

Hello and welcome to a special edition of our show Haqeeqat, Jaal Where we will show real cases of cyber crime in the next 13 weeks. Or maybe you might have been a victim of these crimes. But before all of that let me try and explain what cyber crime basically is Have you ever thought while registering a new e-mail id Or while opening new accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you share all your personal information online Exactly the same way you share all your information through your phones, ipads, car GPS while making online bank accounts and even while shopping online Information like location, mobile contacts, date of birth is there on World Wide Web. Theft of money, theft of documents and sometimes complete theft of identity A masked vicious criminal can do whom you ignore This is the world of cyber crime. And crimes related to children are rapidly increasing in this dangerous and unknown world Children are the most weak and prone in these cases You will be shocked to know that according to NCCB, 35% – 38% cyber crimes are related to children and we regret that human trafficking and child pornography is growing rapidly in our country. Today our story is about Mili An innocent girl, 12 years old Unknown from the dangerous world of internet gets trapped in a web from where many find difficult to come out Come lets see the story of Mili ‏I’ll not sign on this test paper ‏ Your grades are going down day by day…have you seen? ‏But dad, I have got 50% in maths this time 50%? ‏Wow? Have you done anything great with 50% Look at your friends ‏none of them are below 90% and you? And listen…‏Take your mother to the PTM I’ll not go Rohan Hello Hello Rohan Mili I can’t talk to you right now, my tuition teacher is here I’ll talk to you later…bye bye No one has time for me tomorrow is my maths test ‏I needed help from Rohan brother Don’t know where mumma is ‏and even dad left in anger Mili, alone at home, parents are usually busy Mili feels lonely and then one day… Dad has so many friends I should create my account Anvesha also has her own account All my friends chat on messenger I will also register my account Oh! Mother is here…I need to log out quickly Its my father’s laptop otherwise I will be scolded. it was very easy for Mili to go online on social media because there was no one to guide her Hello Beautiful! Hi! What’s your name? I am Tom, 18 years old, studying in Mumbai I am…I am Sofie…I am 16 years old I live in Delhi I am in St. Thomas…are you in St. Mary? No No No…I am in Sunflower School Why are you so silent?Everything fine? Will you be my friend? I don’t have any friends The vicious person on the internet started stalking Mili and innocent Mili became a victim of Cyber Stalking Hi! Hi! Sofie where were you? I was waiting for you Mother father were home They have gone to a party And you didn’t go? No it was a party only for parents kids not allowed No problem we both will have party today Really? but how? How…first rule of a party? Dance! So lets get ready We will have a party tonight Human trafficking and child pornography is growing rapidly in our country In the form of consumer and contributer both A new video is being made and released on the internet every 40 minutes Making or watching CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) both are illegal. and the person can be punished for 5-10 years according to IPS Act Section 293 Look she is going away… Oh my God! What a girl she is Look at her Do you know…her video is viral on youtube Her video is now on youtube also Look at her How shameless How shameless…her video is viral on youtube Tom recorded Mili’s video and it went viral on the internet. Forwarded it to all her friends and as a result MIli became tensed and depressed. Please don’t call me, what you did was wrong, all my friends are laughing on me If you called me, i’ll tell everything to your parents She even got away from her loved ones Hi Sofie! Where were you? Why you had done this? Like what? Sent my videos to everyone How did you get my Friends’ accounts? Sofi, Sofi, Sofi You are very stupid And I like the stupid people So I saved your videos…forever Noooo ..You can not do that My whole school is laughing at me I’m a joke now my cousin Rohan is not talking to me I had only three friends…they also left me because of you Because of me? You are responsible for this Sofie you gave me a chance..for taking those videos and pictures I just saved them and shared to all your friends You cheat! You fraud! Shhhhhh…silence.. if you want me to delete these videos and not share with anyone then you have to show me the dance again! today itself I will tell my mom and dad regarding this and… And they will scold you take away you laptop and will lock you up in your room if you will not listen to me then I will show this video to you parents and their friends And even to your school principal Brother John! do you understand Mili? How do you know me? Ofcourse Mili ‏I know from the beginning Mili Mukherjee Father’s name Joy Mukherjee, mother’s name Nilanjana Mukherjee ‏and you study in Rose convent…right? and Mili, a 12 years old innocent girl unaware and without any knowledge gets trapped on the internet At this time she needs someone who can sit with her and talk to her A parent or a guardian who can make her understand that coming out of this problem is possible. On the other side school plays a major role in these type of cases If you see obscene pictures or videos of any of your students or school friends it is shared multiple times and the mental condition of the victim goes from bad to worse Something similar happened with Mili too. Whenever we go online we should be always careful that we never access sites and webpages where we do not come in the age limit It may happen that someone’s watching you The person might be cyber criminal he will catch you, goad you become your friend or ally then he will cheat you he will grab you in his clutches so that you share your pictures and videos with them Hi! Hi! You are Mili…right? You didn’t any question during the class? What happened? Let me tell you a story You know Mili…I have a 10 years old son in 5th standard…Raghav he downloaded a mobile game once It was a harmless game but the admin of the game used to chat with the players While chatting he took all information from Raghav Like his school, his address his information, his parents’ information, everything With these details he could have hacked my accounts or kidnap Raghav but Raghav told me everything and then with the police I caught the criminal. You can tell me if you are in a similar problem What happened? I am a Cyber Expert and I know the police very well if you tell me then I will help you..I promise parents weren’t home So i opened Facebook A lot of children like Mili often go online upload their pictures and videos and we never know who starts blackmailing them So, we need to be careful In cases where children are involved parents have to be specially careful Communication and counselling is important to keep away children from getting trapped on internet We can’t stop children from using computers or going online in today’s world but we can teach them about netiquettes and cyber hygiene One can easily learn this from a cyber expert Sir, this is very serious These are Mili’s server reports and these are of the person chatting with Mili Mili is afraid of her parents and she doesn’t want to tell them anything so how can we help her? We need to take in confidence either mother or father we can’t research without this…she’s minor Modus operandi shows that the man is Indian who got all information about Mili Right now..the most important thing is stopping video from getting viral… he may sell those video to porn sites Or may harm Mili physically We need to stop him I will contact the social media immediately and stop this video from circulating further. You contact her parents Fine sir…I’ll talk…They will understand the situation and will help us I’ll fix a meeting for tomorrow morning I’ll call We have to stop this viral video… Please…Mrs. Mukherjee relax don’t worry…we have mailed all the social media websites this video will be removed soon right now our priority is to catch the criminal who is blackmailing Mili How and when did this happen? I was always against giving phone, laptop to Mili Its all my fault Yes ma’am, mistake is of us adults that we don’t talk to our children Don’t get involved in their day to day activities Leave them alone for a long time If we talk to them, get involved in their activities then this will never happen Now what? Cyber cell is tracing the IP address and the location will be traced in the next 24 hours by experts we are also contacting through fake e-mails…I have not send any mail Then who sent it I have received a link…which on clicking has exposed my IP address. With whom are you doing all this? Have you informed the police? I am sorry Please don’t get angry I am angry Now no one can save you from me And those pink curtains of your room and I think right now you are alone Now no one can save you from me I should leave now…Mili is alone at home What? But is she not in school today? I dropped Mili at home after the PTM and came here We need to reach Mili as soon as possible She is alone at home and she might be chatting with the stalker. Right Lets go! Oh God! My daughter! Chhaya…quickly come with us Sanjay you come behind us Mili…Mili… She is not opening the door One minute…get aside Oh my God! Chhaya Easy Rajat we never thought it will get this serious Laptop is here…check it once whether he is online or not Is he online? What were you doing? Give me a minute… Hello What? IP address is of Aligarh? Very Good! How much time will it take to locate the address and the location? Great Get the force ready…and inform Aligarh police arrange security at Mili’s residence We are leaving for Aligarh I am reaching Police and cyber expert were very alert in Mili’s case Stopped her from committing suicide Cyber cell deleted all her pictures and videos and restricted them from being viral It can be done easily within 6-8 hours It is important to inform all of you that if your fake accounts are being made or your obscene pictures are being circulated then you can inform the social media website and can get it deleted exactly what happened in Mili’s case where the criminal was traced by cyber cell using specialized techniques and tools through his IP address If you any questions related to cyber crime or you find yourself in a similar web you can call or message on our helpline number and the least we can do is connect you with a cyber expert. Next week we will meet with another case of cyber crime till then…take care safe surfing and please log off before you turn off