So I’m Saify and, I’m from the Golden Islands. So I don’t know why I came here. There’s nothing special about over here in Mississauga. And it’s really difficult to deal with you guys so let’s see, what’s your name? Hadid. Yes. Where you’re from? I’m from Syria. Syria. Okay. What’s your name? Eh, Myra. Where are you from? What’s your name my name sorry? Mohamed Salah? Yeah? But where’s your big hair? Did you cut it? Where you from? I’m from Syria. What’s your name? What’s your name? My name is Ash from Pokemon go? Yeah. Is it city or country? Okay, I just posted the video of me asking the people where are they from about their background and so let’s see how much fun we get, how much like we get. Yo, how are you? How are you? Good? What happened, when so quiet? Hey man, How are you? Ayy. Not your problem. What happened? Hey man! Sup man? Get away from me. Hey, Daniyal, what’s up, man? Dude you should know what you did. You posted a really bad video about us on Instagram. No, no one was happy about that You should respect people and where they come from, but not the only one who’s from a different race You should respect other people and their religions and cultures. Bro, I was just having fun with the social media. Nah, man, you should take care of other people’s feelings. You know, you hurt everyone here. Everyone’s really angry You respect us man. We’re your classmates.