Cyber Bullying/I WAS ON TV!

– It’s like six AM and I’m
up, and I’m all dressed because I’m gonna be on TV. I’m gonna be on BBC
Breakfast to talk about social media, but kind of
not the nice side of it. More the bullying, horrible side of it. So, that should be fun. I am absolutely freaking
out, I’m so nervous because I can’t edit it. ‘Cause it’s live. And I can’t edit myself if I mess up. And I’m gonna have to watch my language ’cause I swear so much. (upbeat music) I’ve just been on TV. Oh, my God. It was really, really fun, though. There’s not a lot of people in the studio. I thought it would be more
like, manically running around just being like, go, go, go. But kind of also silently. But no, it was like, just presenters, and then just like, two
other people in there, so that was quite nice. I’m going back on again at 8:20. And I don’t know why I’m telling you this ’cause this isn’t live. My phone is going mental. I mentioned my parents on
the TV, and they loved it. My parents are like, oh, my God! I also need to go back
into hair and makeup, ’cause apparently int he 30
minutes since this was made, they need to do it again. I thought I was beautiful,
but apparently not. After I got back from the BBC, I just went straight back to bed, and
then didn’t wake up again until one PM. Yay, I just hit my boob. Ow. It was absolutely shattered. I don’t know how the
presenters do it every day. If you missed it, you
can watch a clip of it, which is on their website, which I’ll put in the description. But unfortunately, you can’t watch that if you don’t live in the UK. I’m so sorry. The discussion was a response to lots of reports in the news
recently about cyber bullying and the kind of really
horrible consequences that can sometimes happen because of it. And also, there’s a lot
of abuse that people get, especially women, online. General consensus was just to ignore any horrible comments ’cause
you can’t let it get to you, and I know that’s easier said than done. Also, if you’re young,
communicate with your parents about what websites you’re going on, and if you start to feel a bit unsafe. Also, if you’re a parent, do your research and get to know the websites
that your children are using so they feel like you’re not alien to it, and that you actually understand. What I wanted to say on
the show that I didn’t get a chance to was that although
there’s a lot of horrible people online, the
majority of people are so, so, so nice and supportive. What I want to do is in
the comments of this video, write supportive things to someone who may be getting cyber bullied or
bullied in real life, as well. So you can read through all these comments and all the support from
amazing, lovely people, and hopefully, that will make
you feel a little bit better. I know it wouldn’t solve
everything, but it’s something. Also, if you happen to
get bullied in the future, let’s hope not, but if you
do, then you can always come back here and read through this, and let’s create a little support network. And that would just be
really, really nice. And I’ll be there as well,
commenting and stuff, and yeah. This is really cheesy now. For those of you who are
going to Summer in the City, I’ll be there both days,
so I will see you there. If not, I’ll see you whenever, bye. (upbeat music)