CYBER BULLYING|| التنمر الإليكتروني

so I did got everyone visit Efron and I’m here to talk about something that I’ve seen and a witnessed a lot these days but first of all I’m going to tell you a story and just try to imagine it with me okay so there’s this girl her name was brand leader luck one day brandy decided to shoot herself she shot herself in the chest and she died but what was the reason behind that brandi was a beautiful girl she was gorgeous she was smart she was nice but it was all because of some people who decided to make fun of her they basically kept telling her and saying like mean things to her just like you’re ugly you’re fat and why are you still here just kill yourself do something go away they kept saying that she has tried a lot of things she has tried stopping them she has tried to be away she exchanged her phone number she went to the police officers but because the people were using an app that would hide who they really are and fix her those neat things the police couldn’t get to them after people have hurt her and they’ve diaper bullied her a lot and in a constant base they didn’t give her any other chance she gave up on life she gave up on people she gave up on her family and she kills herself she was a teenager now the moral this story of course if you’re wondering is that cyberbullying is widely spread these days let’s talk about cyberbullying – we’re having when you actually use social media or these ads to say something mean to someone or to try to make fun of them maybe it’s just a joke for you but those words those mean words are not weak as you may think they’re really strong they get to people they hurt people and they may cause things like this story that I told you about brandy a simple thing like a comment like a negative comment on anyone’s work or on anyone’s appearance or anything can hurt those people it can damage their personality it can damage their mentality it can actually make them think of hurting themselves the people who will cyber bullies brandy didn’t mean to kill her there means to be the reason for her to commit suicide they were just kidding according to what they said but the ending was not a joke at all so now all I’m asking from you guys try to think about the comments that you’re gonna just type under someone’s work or under or you know talking about someone’s appearance or their thoughts or their culture or religion just stop for a moment and think if I was in their shoes if I was them would it be okay for them to talk to me the way I want to talk to them is it okay to talk to people like this is it okay to make fun of them and to make fun of something that it’s really not in their hands and even if it’s in their hands they don’t have any problem with it is it okay to hurt people like that you’re not supposed to do that you supposed to be nice to stay nice or not say anything at all so someone’s hired on only customers that was all for this video I hope you enjoyed I hope you got the message that I wanted to get to you and maybe it’s not a bigger than issue in your eyes but it is in my eyes I’ve seen a lot follow and member export count or snapchat and visit their upcoming IBF exhibition also the part of their Instagram competition and get a chance of winning 500 or materials thank you everyone right