Crusades and Exoduses

‘Crusades and Exoduses’ disentangles the embroglio
of Empires, kingdoms, religious wars, dynasties, battles in Eurasia from the ponit of view
of New Chronology theory. Parallels with events in Europe and Middle
East are quite abundent. Consensual history says that after some 1000
years of sound sleep Europeans suddenly woke up as Christians to the hilt, armed themselves
and started touring-crusading Middle East during 200 years to punish at last tormentors
of Jesus, searching for the Saint Sepulchre, Grails, spears, and finished their tour with
a bang by sacking Constatinople allegedly in 1204 A.D. Local populations became muslims, crusaded
back and built a Caliphate that span from Arabia to Morocco and North Africa. But was it really so?