[Crusaders Quest] Dev Movie, 5th Anniversary #3 (Sub: 简体, 繁體,日本語, English)

Gorilla Mansion/Designer: Okay, yes. *flabbergasted* We apologize… *Sorry* I’m so sorry. Yes! Brother Cow/Client Programmer: What happened? *Worried* I mean, I told them you get sucked in while playing the game… *NMF* and they say they will sue me for prank calls and harassment… (Sigh+1) (Worry+1) (Sad+1) (Handsome+1) (Tear+1) UI-ChanTheLover/Ochan Admirer: Mr. Ochan, what may be troubling you? *SWEET* Ochan Kim: Nooooo! My 5 Year Event! My Goddess Dakimakura Event!! T_T (Loves Events) I can’t let you go, Bella!!!!!! (Romantist) (What the…) (Good Looking +1) (SMH) (Seriously) With all due respect, sir, this is weird. Wait, what? What is this? *Surprised* Sungmini! It’s Sungmi! (Tonguetied) What is this? *Stunned* (Give it to me) Designer P/Know-it-all: Hmm… I think he’s stuck in another dimension… Seems like it… (Still good looking) Aren’t you the dimensions expert, Ochan? (Still handsome) I love dimensions~~ Dimensions are the best~~ I love dimensions~~ Dimensions are the best~~ (wth…)(Expert, indeed…)(UP)(SET) -You shall betray a friend- (Help!! There is a traitor among us!!!) (I am Ochan the Great…★ Mwahaha!) Yes…I am the chosen one… (SOB) With this power, I can do anything in the digital world!!! (DGmon?)