[Crusaders Quest] Dev Movie, 5th Anniversary #1 (Sub: 简体, 繁體,日本語, English)

The events depicted in this video are fictitious but could be pretty close to reality… (C)(Q)(D)(E)(V) (Ochan Kim/Game Designer) (confident) This is how we are upgrading Library of Dimensions. (overconfident) I know you all will love it but (cocky)(so sure) please feel free to share your opinons and suggestions, guys. (Dragon Benefit/Head Designer) (sigh) Ochan, do you seriously think this is good enough to meet user expectations? (side-eye) I.D.K. N.M.F (Designer P/Game Designer) I mean…the whole thing needs to be neat and clean… (What the・)(&**^%$)(censorship)(bleep it out)(bad words) (UIchanTHElover/Game Designer) Hey, Sungmin, what’s up with the bananas? (Lord Sungmin/PD) Oh~ these are my diet snacks! (munching)by the way(eating) How are things going with the library and new heroes? What do you think, Hyongwoo? (Brother Cow/Client Programmer) (handsome) Yeah, going well. If we exclude Ochan. (bitter) Heroes are coming along well too. (harsh) Ochan seems to be taking some time here, though. (Harmony +1)(Happy +1) (Good looking +1)(Attractive +1) (Innocent +1)(Laugh +1) (Nervous -1)(Nervous -2) *Disclaimer* Load Complete and CQ Studio have been following the Labor Standard Act ‘until now’. The new heroes look really great. I think our users will be expecting a lot this time. -YOU SLAVES BETTER GET TO WORK- (WAT) (THE) / (LOVE) (YOU) Hard-working Load Complete (Lord Sungmin/PD)(Annoyed) I’m nervous about the library.. (Lord Sungmin/Recovering Sigil Farming Addict) Well, I’m just gonna farm Sigils. Huh? Wait, what is this? (Lord Sungmin/Bug Catcher)This is a real account? (Annoyed)Damn・ now we need a patch. (Lord Sungmin/Curious Person) Where does this portal go?