Welcome everyone to a brand new show get excited for a brand new show smash your hardest bro fist for brand new show! introducing Cringe tuesdays Cringe Tuesday’s everybody. Let me know if you’re excited brand new show. Let’s 👏 just 👏 jump 👏 into it It’s the same concept as any other video yEa BuT yOuR hAiR cUt Is MaKiNg Me CrInGe ShuT tehh fehck up Cringe Tuesdays, sound check Madison Brookes recording. I’m not getting any sound. (smooch) smooch what the fu-? what the hell.. ew! Did he just lick my ear? It works, try it ew Yeah Going live… sound check.. sound check good. Now that I’m starting to do live stream This is a perfect example for me to learn what not to do. There’s good lord knows I need the training [oof] Therefore we can watch these news anchors fails Cringe Tuesdays, Cringe Tuesdays. Let’s go [ laughing in meatballs ] The classic Why is there not blood on that? This is so obviously fake. Okay, don’t make me laugh. I want the pure cringe Come on, when people saying dumb SH So the Dalai Lama Walks into a pizza shop. Oh my god i’ve seen this.. Pizza yeah, pizza pizza shop and says, can you make me one with everything? What’s that? I’m sorry He doesn’t speak English, why would he understand your joke Jesus Christ? What’s the point so dumb You know what? I mean? Do you know what I mean? Can you make me one with everything? No offense I’m sure it’s a great guy but this is kind of person that in real life In real life no one These people I make these awful jokes and you’re just for the sake of politeness you laugh along you go, haha That’s that’s funny one with everything and you go about your day, but in reality no, no one likes your joke. I’ll all have that Disconnect now thanks to the Internet. It just becomes pure cringe so many things that previously HEuh were just Haeh God God, uh Troubling snow in dealing with the bitter cold. Are you dreaming of fishing or boating? Ah, yes That sounds at least the boating part sounds good. You can get a taste of summer this weekend at the State Fairgrounds Oh god you know she’s gonna destroy herself And definitely the place to be thinking about summer Especially if you’re the outdoorsy type, I’m Stephanie so VR and coming up We’ll show you some things you can do,(come on cringe tuesdays) to have fun in the warm weather *Ric Flair Woo* AhhhHHHHAhhhHHh This is what I’ve been saying all along Women can’t drive. That’s right Why do I make this ironic takes, you know? someone’s gonna make a compilation out of it eventually and be like look well if you do this Shhtteh feHKkahp Wahmen can’t drive bicycle I’ve said it before, I said it many times Weman bicycle Women not By sickle Women bicycle. What is this video? Bah bah bah dah, dah You can’t argue with the fax and logix those little guys are cute and cuddly looking and the Beavers I’ve seen are bigger and not yeah, and they don’t look as friendly so I don’t know Maybe I’ve seen my beavers in the wrong place That’s funny come on I want some cringe man, it’s cringe Tuesday’s god dammit just show me Cringe Tuesday’s, please Cringe, I just wanna cringe is that too much to Fripp an ass, dude Suppose every demand for nail on squawking. He did seal comfort welcomed a language Oh my god, he’s using the metal to save her Haha ramen fools income he just goes. Oh, let me save her with my giant metal. Here you go Greenish Tuesday’s green Tuesday girls were completely engrossed by it when we were watching it It really does make you feel like you’re inside this eleven year old girl God damn it, the people not hear themselves speak. I love that when someone says something completely innocently but the person listening and goes like oh god, why did my brain go there in a Profoundly, wholesome way It’s according to Oxfam of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to the three and a half billion Poorest people. It’s fantastic And this is a great winning because it inspires Everybody gets the motivation to look up to the 1% and say I want to become one of those people I’m gonna fight hard to get up to the top. This is fantastic news. And of course, I applaud it 85 people have all the will Need someone to look up to Know is it better for me to double-fist it or should I do one utter at a time? I am being a beginner Keep that in mind I apologize to every goat farmer out there that thinks and every ex-boyfriend. I Want the cringe man, I’m just laughing. This is not try not to laugh. Give me some Okay, oh no hoo-ha let him hear himself get caught God Texas senator Ted Cruz Oh Ah Go just go Oh God Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whoever might not see this. Oh My god, it’s something totally like, don’t worry about it. I’ll call your name Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush And there they are then there with two oh My god, that is amazing Hey look at him look at this guy, what are you doing? Idiot? Haha. I Don’t know anything about this man I don’t know anything about his politics, but at least he seems like an honest person if we’re not going It seems like he would follow roots at the very least. I mean, that’s that’s a good quality, right? All right, Sally Thank you and to find which sunscreen is best for your skin five ways to keep your family safe from the Sun Check out the top leg on the pittsburgh channel. It’s on the left-hand side of the homepage. I want whatever you’re using It’s the best reply I’ve ever heard yeah That’s great. Ten out of ten responds. Yeah Great, Tuesday Greg dared a Wendy Williams under the influence on her live TV show now I haven’t watched this and I don’t like Wendy Williams so immediately I know I’m gonna like this But at the second say on another point of view, yeah I thought about how soul-crushing it must be to do those daily shows what it’s all about so happy and like I would fucking get smashed too. If I had to do that what she had to do. So we’ll watch days Blac Chyna Is suing Kardashian’s forgetting her show can’t she’s blaming them because allegedly there were emails alleging that Khloe Highly we emails alleged Relationship Good deliberate just wants publicity jr. Thing And even promised the Kardashians would film extra episodes to make up for the cancellation of the time and black show I will do what you want Khloe allegedly Said that she was concerned for their brands. I can’t watch this is awful cringe to say everyone smash like Subscribe, have you not subscribed yet? Subscribe For Tim’s new date or else there will be consequences. I am apparently Wendy Williams. I can’t speak Thank you guys for watching another video. See you tomorrow. And as always have a wholesome life and I see you never hi Tuber simulator it’s now so relevant that it’s got a brand new minigame craniac drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine like game and you say there’s more of course there is New knowledge perks new quests and new pics links and legs guys legs 😳😳😳