Creating and Owning Your Reality | CHAT WITH DIA EP 3

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Chat With Dia if it’s your first time here, my name is Dia and I make travel videos of the places that I’m lucky and privileged enough to see and Also informative and helpful guides that hopefully will help you navigate through your next trip And also I have this new series the one you’re watching right now called Chat with Dia in which I plan to cover topics including spirituality self-improvement Travel related topics or any other interesting things under the Sun and whoever you are watching right now I’d love it if you comment your name and the place that you call home So maybe where are you from or where you’re living at the moment in the comments down below. I would really love to get to know you all better and to have a little bit of idea of who you are or where You’re from If you have been here before you might have noticed that my channel tagline is new and Changed now It says seeking destinations and inner evolution one stamp at a time So this quote that I personally came up with really resonated with me because I think we’re all searching for Something whether it’s for that perfect dream job or a new home new car You want a great vacation getaway, or maybe it’s something that’s more internal You want to be a better version of you? You want to be more confident? You want to feel better about yourself? You want to learn what self-love is all about, whatever it is that you were searching for I think we’re all here searching for something and maybe this tagline this idea. We can both be seeking external experiences and inner evolution at the same time and for me I decided to do that with Traveling because I knew deep down that what I wanted to do was to explore the world see places have new experiences learn learn learn so much while I’m on the road and I felt like that would really help me learn more about Who I am and how I May become a better version of myself. I wanted take a moment to read you this quote that I really like it’s a travel quote that really Resonates and inspires me. ” we travel initially to lose ourselves and we travel next to find ourselves We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate We travel to bring what little we can in our ignorance and knowledge To those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed and we travel in essence to become young fools again The slow time down and get taken in and fall in love once more. ” I Really like that quote. So now that I’ve been traveling for nearly one and a half years Who am I what’s changed? What have I learned? What’s some important things that I want to share with you? Well, first of all travelling is what propelled me to start this channel right here I watched So many different videos from fellow travel vloggers and they really inspired me and I realized you know what I love creating stuff and to be able to connect with people and Since then I’ve actually connected with so many people from across the world and it’s been such a pleasure talking to people like you right now and getting to know more about where you’re from as well as helping you with any questions that you have for your travel plans and somewhere along this Indefinitely long trip that I took I began to get more interested and started to take time to really dig deeper into spirituality self-improvement and shifting my paradigm and my perspective and perception of who I am in this universe in my own path. when I left Los Angeles in 2017 I had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics so that’s a little fact about me and I was 25 years old I believe so sort of the quarter life crisis happening and you know at the time I simply felt like I was running away from my Responsibilities I didn’t even know what I truly wanted to do. What I was passionate about or what I’m good at. so smart-me Thought hey, why don’t I get a little bit more lost so that maybe I can find myself so Looking back now all the places that I been to that I was brought to all the people that I met on the road and all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned they have all been a culmination of what brought me to this exact moment in time and I believe It’s exactly where I’m meant to be so all of this has led me to a very important place in life and that is for the very first time in 27 years of my life. I am almost 28 next month, but in the 27 years of my life This is the first time I have ever believed in myself. I know that’s shocking maybe not I’m not sure what your life circumstances are but for me I find it incredible that it took me 27 years to actually just Sit here with myself and say I believe in you Dia I believe in you and I have full faith in you and I trust in your abilities your capabilities what you can do For this world and what you can put out Creatively or how you can help others and how you can definitely go after what you love do what you want you don’t have to stick to anyone’s expectations all of your self-doubt and insecurities don’t serve you and They’re not you. They’re just a part of the ego inside. I think personally when I find myself on this Level of expansion when I’m ready to get to the next Evolution whether that’s inside or externally, you know, my ego gets really scared it’s being challenged so starts throwing me all these little challenges and fears and voices and Wants to bring me a level back down. But now I know that those voices are not mine. There is a higher Consciousness or another level of consciousness that is apart from all those voices that wants to slow me down and I hope that you if you don’t already know it and I hope you can find the distinction between Your true self and the voices that slow you down. I was just thinking about how Roughly ten months ago almost a year. I made a video sitting down somewhere I talked about how my doubts and you know challenges of starting a YouTube channel What it’s like when it’s a small channel and you’re Frustrated with the growth and – and at the time I had around 410 viewers or subscribers And right now at the time of this video, it’s currently at 4,831. and for me It’s not about the number. What the number shows me is that I didn’t believe I could get here It’s not a big number at all But what it shows me is when I was sitting at 410 viewers just ten months ago I didn’t – I don’t know if I could have imagined being here right now, and it’s not Like I said, it’s not about the numbers It’s about choosing to believe that I could do it and at the time I made my other video I don’t think I really believed in myself So 10 – 12 months later, I still worry about things. fear still creeps up sometimes to me but I like I said before I think sometimes those fears can be productive if they’re voices that asks you well what action steps can I take to make my dream become real and There’s a difference between these actionable productive fears that propels you forward versus the ones that simply tells you You’re not good enough and you can’t do it or you’re not worthy enough to… Find a partner to buy that dream house to get that dream job to get a new car to travel for a year Whatever it may be there’s a distinction between allowing those kind of thoughts to slow you down vs the productive fears or voices that helps you take the action step to propel you forward So I just want to take a moment right now because chat with Dia is not just about me talking at you But I wanted it to be an interactive community Project. just right now what is it one thing or three things that you really really want and it doesn’t matter if it’s materialistic or if it’s more internal circumstances whatever it may be however big or small or impossible it may seem to you I want you to just take a moment and Put your thought of what you want out into the universe or if you want to be more actionable Feel free to let me or let us know and just in the comments. What is the one thing? Could just be getting a bomb burger for your dinner or getting to travel in the near future Whatever it may be, just take a moment and put that thought out into the universe. Let us know what it is That makes your heart feel joy that gets you excited that goal that you really really really want that wish you really really really want to come true and you know, sometimes I think that personally, I forget that I’m living my dream life and I think that happens because when we do start to live our reality our brain starts creating a new version of maybe even better reality because we’ve got to that level now and somehow Momentarily, we forgot that we wanted to be exactly this place five months ago ten months ago Whatever it may be and you forget to be grateful for the dream life you’re already living instead Your brain is already starting to think. Oh, I could still use that I could still use this and that’s okay to have these Leveling up sort of of manifestations you want. but I think it’s so important For us to take a moment and just feel the gratitude For what we already have taking a moment to put yourself on that higher level of frequency so that you can attract more of those things that you are grateful for that and you would be grateful for and again, I just want to say nobody is perfect. don’t beat yourself up If you find yourself with negative thoughts or feelings of inadequacy I think it’s just the forever journey, but any moment you catch yourself thinking Wow, I’m really happy that I have what I have right now and sometimes even the things that I forget that I really wanted it And now I have just take a moment to say thank you to yourself for working towards that, to making it happen to the universe and to God or whomever and just bring yourself higher bring yourself into that space of Goodness, and abundance and gratitude. So who am I now well, I still struggle all the time But I am someone now Who believes that she’s good enough and worthy enough to go after What she wants. We’re all creators of our own reality literally you write your story and Things never happen to us. It’s always happening for us and I think it’s helpful to adopt that kind of mentality because I Know there’s tragic things that happen to people all the time. And I know that it doesn’t always seem fair However, you know, sometimes you’ve gone through a difficult situation And maybe you even thought to yourself. Oh five years down the line I’m gonna laugh at this and it’s gonna be nothing but in the moment, it’s just it’s hard. It’s challenging it’s something that you have to work on or work through or handle and then Five years do come or one year do come or ten years to come and you look back in retrospect And you realize that it did happen for a reason and that where you are now is okay So have that trust in yourself in your own path and in the universe I am someone who believes that there is always always more to learn to grow and expand and I believe that I will never stop searching so I want to take this moment right now for you guys and tell you and I hope you believe That you are worthy and good enough to go after Anything you want whoever and whatever your life situation may be at the moment You’re worthy and good enough to create your own Reality and just a little friendly reminder that your fears and your self-doubts. They’re not you. They’re just a part of the ego That’s trying to slow you down I hope you take some extra time today to do things that bring joy into your life and Lastly give this video a thumbs up if you’d like and subscribe. If it’s your first time here share any of your thoughts or feelings? That you have in the comments below. I think that wraps up for this video If you want to connect with me, I have Instagram Facebook if you want to support me through Patreon There’s gonna be links either in the description or at the end of this video I hope you have a beautiful beautiful day and I’ll see you in the next video