Cody Ko is a CYBERBULLY! | How many ways can Jake Paul be wrong?

whoa what a week it’s been Jake Paul seems to be on some crusade right now hitting and confronting all these different channels doing the naughties so why’s he not hit his channel yet I realize I’m a little bit late to this one because I was quite invested in the last video about instagramers lying to you and then trying to shill their snake oil trying to push it off as that’s what they use to get themselves and look good when it’s reported that they have surgery and use Photoshop vigorously and I must say I just loved the support that came through on that video I’m not sure where that was promoted but obviously it rolled up some of the white night so you think they might get their back sucked firstly I’m surprised they took the 30 seconds out of their sister to comment what bothered me it was actually one of my more inoffensive videos and actually had a more of a serious topic to talk about quack me for trying that so if any of you guys would come back for round two how about I give you something that you’re gonna love me for and for you guys and girls out there who are normal and know how to take a joke if you could consider becoming subscriber or flicking my bell for maximum satisfaction I would appreciate it okay I’m sure by now most of us know the video confronting Internet bully cody ko and just what beautiful responses it had for the people like my mum who is watching and you don’t know who either of these two people are let’s give a little rundown shall we Kodi Kura originally started on vine making simple comedy sketches and he moved over to YouTube from vine to make more comedy based commentary videos getting a lot of notice from his that’s cringe series really going in on dumb youtuber personalities and channels and try and make as many jokes as they can personally I don’t see that being all that successful in the long run quite a niche market not many channels are doing that and Jake Paul is scum also coming over from vine Jay Paul is one of the more notorious la youtubers and spent his time on this platform making us wish his mum was on the pill twenty two years ago it’s brother Logan ain’t any better but I certainly know who I was rooting for when Thanos snapped his fingers he was one of the bigger influencers to make diss tracks as because they were just saying the most offensive and insulting and stupidest things possible to a sick bay I’m sorry that was probably a little bit too unfair saying that there was a sick beat and there are numerous reports and rumors of his antics making his neighbors dreads where he lives having multiple accusations brought up with him in the team 10 house about his rules and discipline and punishment for not obeying the rules to his attitude and actions towards sexual partners along with making sinner phobic comments on camera regularly scary and upsetting toddlers on camera to make them cry for entertainment you can eat this whole thing most likely you were gonna eat all of that let’s be real now I mean old classmates coming out calling him a bully dachshund popular singer-songwriter post Malone’s address on camera and go in to meet him at his house which people say that situation led to post getting robbed at gunpoint at his house and recently involved in advertising a gambling website to his channel primarily filled with kids but it’s fine guys because he’s now out here exposing people making funny so dumb YouTube videos he really is the true savior of YouTube hello really Craig really how dare you call someone else the savior of YouTube you know full well that there is only one Savior of YouTube and it is me the boy Jon not Jake bloody poo yes he’s hot yes he’s intelligent yes he’s everyone’s favorite youtuber yes he is the champion of men but he is not the savior of YouTube now you even get this number I have my ways I don’t actually think he meant anything by I think he was being sarcastic shut the frak up whoa hang on did did you just sent to me how the hell did you do that hey not the only one that has your ways hell fracking day you won the mother pranks okay wait did I sound like I’m hanging up on you but there’s a douchebag named Cody Coe and we are about to dolphine sound his life up is that a good intro a was a good intro other people off-camera rubbing your balls as they suck you cracks our heart thanks mom I have no regrets I am about to confront like one of my biggest haters 28-year old wannabe comedian kotico oh I’m sorry Jake we can’t all be like you and 22 even if you do have a brain of a seven-year-old or I saw this is Cody kogai for the first time when he was working at full screen which is like a YouTube community network as like a little back-end tech developer Jake Poole doesn’t my bullies also Jay Paul belittles entire trade he thinks is beneath him and now he just people to become famous that’s that’s that’s it oh what a man so he should have done it to a sick B then it would have totally been fun to get success on rats honking people in that right Jake I’m not youtube’s hero I’m not here to like save the day and and like you know like all this stuff no she didn’t you’re not YouTube’s here right there are many many names I can attach to you Jake all of them probably would get me blacklisted here’s a cyberbully and I hate I mean hate cyber bullies like I hate it it’s the worst thing in the world people are hiding behind their computers talking about other people you know what this I can’t agree on I think there should be a lot less anonymity on the Internet’s if you’re going to exploit and bully people if you say I’ll do something you should be held accountable so exactly when are you and your brother going to pay for all of your wrongdoings it’s consumed our generation it’s consumed our xiety and I think it’s Oh Jake Poole the man that typically has about 50% of his videos focused on promoting IVA merchandise or upcoming events of his own who has made songs on convincing kids to buy that merch and again has been involved in promoting gambling to his young audience is sitting here talking to us about the bad things that’s in consumed the generation it’s alright let’s continue largely in part to do with these negative trolls online for God’s sake whose mum’s doing this clown scratch with these negative trolls online what is mm maybe not support these types of people who are literally causing the youth to be like negative and and have like a lot of animosity wow he’s using the big words negativity and I must say did Shane Dawson teach those it’s a pity you never taught you about hypocrisy the reason I feel like I can like touch on this subject and it’d be completely fares because Cody Coe has made probably like the ten videos now and dozens of tweets talking right about not only me but my brother is the motive right there he picked on you and your brother yeah you couldn’t have reached out to an organization to talk to kids about why cyberbullying is bad or you couldn’t confront bullies that weren’t directed at you no no no no you want to get back at someone who’s beefed you boy and I wonder if he did that because you’ve done dumb right to comment on hmm I don’t like making these videos and like to me it’s kind of like I’m just like doing just talk to me about each other did you read it to fall asleep when doing this not give too many spoilers away but there seems to be an awful lot of goofs and lazy edits throughout the video one of them being a long time swear words just didn’t get censored to clarify the dolphin we are about to his life as his and the Kraken shut the frak up is mine my friend jeff has like a podcast oh look at my guys I used to my name of Jeff meme on ironically in 2019 the more I watch this the more I think Jake was the one that edited this and not a third party hell he leaves the title the video ordering lower case he came out with a song a new song they both come out a song logan’s I watched that one he’s dressed up as minion I don’t know who made that call who signed off on that who was like yeah dude for your first single ever for the video you should definitely dress up as the thing that everybody in America hates most I can’t imagine like being a human and having this much hatred inside he’s talking about minions probably one of the most hated mascots by adults because they’re just bland dumb blond ugly dildos and no personality oh sorry wrong wrong picture that that one you have to belittle somebody so much that like you just spring it on every little possible detail yeah taking little details and blown it up to unnecessary proportions is kind of a common tactic in comedy but it’s okay Jake I’m well aware that you’re not familiar with the concept of comedy so give you a pass on that one here are some examples of like the people who write down the joke she’s made about people it’s just not acceptable this is Logan Paul with better hair oh what an M night Shyamalan ending was that absolute classic starting situation right there folks you know when you’re juggling your soccer ball alone you gotta move on oh Jesus in Christ you know this is not comedy you can do this with anything I’m not really sure if that’s the right thing and he’s like come on just do it it’s not a big deal who do you want to date I’ll have my daily dose of vitamins and I’ll make a couple of these health drinks powder Oh dude you’re drinking comm powder you just a ball of hatred okay now I know Jake said it too it’s not him plus he’s also on Team Kody because if those are the worst clips you can find on them you have even less of a leg to stand on and you’re already on goddamn crutches also that selection of very light ass jokes just to come back to it’s just this ball of hatred I am trying desperately Jake to see this from your point of view but I can’t get my head up there and ask that far he’s comedic like yes some of this stuff is funny like wait he’s he’s funny now because before you commented on how he wasn’t funny honestly I think I think I think he’s terrible like these videos are terrible I don’t I don’t even want to watch him he’s comedic like yes some of this stuff is funny like that’s how you get your head so far up your ass you don’t have a backbone and you are jealous of someone if you don’t like someone if you find yourself like talking quack about someone like change that narrative and change that conversation and don’t be a part of just like bringing people down oh you mean like how you’ve been doing for the last six minutes Jesus Christ I hope he and Tanner get on and make a family because I’m beginning to think this is the first time the family’s had outside DNA in the gene pool since 1776 let’s just move on to the confrontation shall we I’m gonna go into this closet that’s on the set I’m gonna be hiding in that closet and then Jeff is going to ask Cody a question about me and I am going to come out laughter after that I’ve heard stories of like girls again crying and like literally being so hurt by your videos that like it’s ruined their days there are weeks even I’m not cool with that wait girls try being huh hmm what gives him the right to do that I know he’ll be so shocked like to me the people like this are really the most part people inside at least it’s kind of funny Mike ain’t screaming in our ears constantly yeah so what’s what’s going down right now so Cody cozies after getting haircut we were just having a conversation of all you know if you that you’ve been made fun of and alright so Frank say what is it with everyone wanted to suck this guy’s crack he does not need an inflated ego it is already one of the things visible from the International Space Station [Music] sit down now here’s where everything seemed off Perseid the awkwardness held moment of introduction just look at my name I share pulling up Jake being like well you know retake coming nicer and then he’s got awful wooden acting of you are a cyberbully I do not like cyber bullies I’ve literally seen kid actors do better than that and I’ve sinned but one or two clips of Jay Paul lying in the past he can do a bit better than that and you can see Jeff’s face is just like Oh Franco Franco Frank like heaps of instant regret now this might be an outlandish assumption but I have a feeling that Jeff here had a fully mapped out plan in his head the script execution everything but Johnny big spuds over here was just like now now I wanna want a bigger size making his bit bigger than it was ever meant to be and then push the video before Jeff so really get the glory kind of like we did with Jo Weller’s sparring match video it would explain the bad rushed edits in hastily pieced concepts and the dialogue he has at home but he could have redone and the sheer lack of effort to make any viable accusations no Jay God forbid you actually use names or evidence to back up your allegations oh there’s a big word you can learn as well oh man Jeff it’s just over here screaming instant regret you know I’m sorry bro I was gonna call you out on your with any levels of snake äj– but I can see this absolutely didn’t go the way it was supposed to so I could be a free pass this day haha maverick I’m gonna show soon everypony to the party yeah you said sorry bro I’ll shake your hand first no no just take noise okay oh no you can’t come okay wait whoa whoa whoa rewind are you freaking kidding me he said the wrong thing got corrected and left it in the video this just goes to prove how much this was scripted and rushed and not caring about did Logan practice on your head for this slap contest he’s getting ready for you are beginning to worry me on how stupid you are Oh in that case I’m sure be fine with the many many many videos responding to this I think I think he’s terrible like these videos are terrible I don’t I don’t even want to watch him he’s comedic like yes some of this stuff is funny I’m on one side of the spectrum he’s on one other the other side of the spectrum oh we well away you’re on a spectrum it really seemed like he was trying to budge like you were you were pretty understanding you know and you were trying to like oh yeah god damn it stop sucking him off he’s not gonna call you back in the morning so goes on for another five or so minutes of just watching back the fridge they’re just going to be like what and it’s pretty hard to meme on someone who is just sniffing their own farts to that level because it’s already freakin hilarious so I’m gonna end the video here guys I hope you enjoyed I suspect it’s gonna be one of my longer ones probably so if you did enjoy it please leave a like and a comment I will try my best to reply to them if you haven’t already please consider becoming a subscriber for licking my bells be alerted when new videos come out feel free to check the videos around my head somewhere and I’ll see you in the next video until then take it easy