Coach Suspends ENTIRE TEAM For CyberBullying, Demands Better

high school football coach in Utah has
decided to suspend his entire football team unless they agree to %uh side basically
a contract indicating that they would stop cyber bullying a particular student I’m now this is Union High football
coach this is the Union High football coach and he said he’s not going to deal with
it was tired this and he basically found evidence on a website called ask .fm indicating that these a football
players were cyber-bullying this person and they were and he was tired but he was outraged by
he said the following: I just felt like everything was going in a direction that we didn’t want our
young men going we felt like we needed to take a stand we don’t want that represented in our
program whoever it is doing the bullying we want it help get them back on the
right path so that’s something that I don’t really
expect from football coaches in america because when you go to a cap is it seems
as though the students are participating in
whatever athletic team is are above and beyond any type rule or
regulation or law in an entire stay so to see a football coach take a stand
like that it suspend all the students is really really great and I hope that
inspires other athletics coaches if they see that kind
of behavior is occurring where coaches in many in many cases
coaches are the people who are the teachers that
are closest to a lot of the young man our society you
know if you’re involved in sports especially if you know your football
player your coach is is like your other dad and
can also be a person who teaches you culture and values and and how to be a
leader and what I love about this is that he’s taking his players and he
saying them you need to be a leader and we want you to represent the best love what this said this high school can
be to be leaders and to not let your friends boli to change the culture in August that’s
know when we talk about rape culture me talk about like the Steubenville rape you know and all these other issues that
have come up regarding raped by football players you know in previous cases when you have
friends who model that the best kind of behavior
the best kind of leadership behavior they help their friends and they also
share and and spread that leadership and back goes through throughout the
culture you know it continues on as those people grow older it’s at you know I think this is a wonderful
thing I think you’re right I hope that other other coaches follow through on this
other high schools follow through on this and have this kind of a this kinda policy site cyber-bullying
cyber-bullying so no Glendale is going to start their monitoring the when their school district here in
California yes and Unified School dist gonna start monitoring they hire company to start monitoring their students social media 0 yes so that corporately class sizes at
forty doesn’t matter much to the people in England sale but haven’t hired taking money instead
of hiring a teacher they’re gonna hire company to monitor I
get to discuss the muse to get ready for real life right as well monitored all the time the
NSA’s conditions that led to so that’s really happening that’s really
happening right now and that is just crazy to me that
they’re spending money to do that cyber-bullying I don’t know I’m United
different generation right so I don’t know much about it but it’s not the same
as the real bowling and filling can be vicious though I get
him just to give you a quick example love that let’s say a female classmate sands a boy nude picture for self he post that
online people comment on it all share it Minot is an extreme form of
cyber bullying right stuff like that happens all the
time or what story will create a Facebook page that’s a particularly
hateful like I don’t know either put myself in a
student’s years it’ll be like Ana Kasparian is a bitch right and then a bunch of people will go
on there and say mean and hateful things administer anytime you search your name
on Google that page pops up I mean that’s another example a cyberbully soap for people like us i mean we’re
adults I mean I get a buncha crap like that all the time it’s ok it’s hilarious
rate but what happens to someone who’s going
to all these hormonal changes is going through a tough time I mean it could literally mean the
difference between life and death students killed themselves as a result
of this kinda boys to you are you for the monitoring then no I
think the monitoring goes way too far I don’t like that idea I think that it’s a
privacy violation but I do like the idea up administrators
actually taking a stand because oftentimes their chicken shit they don’t
want to do anything when they find out that a student is being bullied so I as long as they’re actual
consequences to their actions then I’m in favor we don’t need to be
monetary everything that occurs on my you don’t have to have a private
contracts go out to some company which sounds to me like it’s somebody you know doing a favor contract you things like
school school district money in order to give some business to a private company whereas we could have all I don’t know
you know teachers and coaches and parents adults and what is your last semester
maybe a comedy show comedian comes in lol Gadhafi but you
know people who are actually teaching kids these values and saying and put the check on that and saying you
know you don’t have to be this way in fact it’s better if you use all your
powers for good incentive for evil exactly well connected to the head to
Union High coach Matt Le Brun yes but anyway I do wanna add one more
thing to this story %uh because I want you guys to know exactly what he’s doing
with this contract so he made it clear sign a contract
stipulating that they will attend counseling such sessions on character
development study hall sessions and performed two
days of community service instead of team practice the squad was also ordered to hold new
elections for their team captains damn no areas 1069 messing around and he still doesn’t even
know who the original perpetrator was so was basically I punishing the
entirety and the entire team but in actuality I don’t think is
actually really punishing them that much if he’s teaching them yeah it’s a it’s a lesson I I hope yes
kids because this is the type of man but should have it that’s a good thing
is really you know he’s not messing around like this is what’s gonna happen at the
cat and the football team anymore you neither are you get new ones in this
huh yeah and it’s no discussion he just doesn’t like that