Chatterbox – Ep 9 Cyberbullying Trailer

SPEAKER 1: We know you’ve
seen enough probably heard enough, and read enough
tips, hints, information, and whole websites
dedicated to cyberbullying. We also know that when
your child is hurting, you just want a quick fix. You don’t want to be their hero. Make it go away. But sometimes, it’s hard
to find where to start. The last thing you need is to
be overwhelmed with information. If you want simplicity
and clarity, you have come to
the right place. Or if you only have a
few minutes to spare, this episode is for you. We’ll teach you the four
things every parent must know about cyberbullying. Yep– just four. It’s all you’ll need. Now, let’s be honest. It won’t be
groundbreaking on you. But it will be short and sharp. It will be quick and simple. We’ll leave out all the
jargon and tell it like it is. You’ll find out how
to spot the signs, how to prevent it, or at
least help your child build resilience to it, and
where to get help, along with some additional tips. That’s it. Cyberbullying made plain,
simple, and straightforward. So tune in to the full episode. Cyberbullying– the four things
every parent should know.