Chase Ancheta’s Anti Bullying PSA

Hi, my name is Chase Ancheta when I was 13 I was frequently bullied Hey you stupid Asian dont call me a stupid asian but you’re asian dude your hair looks like crap yeah, get out of here you’re short hey i’m not done with you hey you faggot stop bullying that innocent kid! hey get out of here get back here you innocent cracker I Was so bullied as a kid That after school every day. I would hide in this open brush area and cry Hey, did you just see that bullying? yes I did and I do not condone this type of behavior in my swamp Then one day this boy came up to me and he offered me some crack I said no at first, but then he convinced me He sold me the crack More than 10 people are bullied in the world every point one seconds If you are a bully in this world I expect you’d stop in respect your peers Or else you will die like I did That’s right I’m a ghost