Cat Behavior & Care : Cat Behavior: Redirected Aggression

Redirected aggression can be a very serious
problem in cats. And redirected aggression is actually when a cat turns away from something
that stimulates it and redirects or re-focuses it’s aggression or it’s anger onto another
person or another animal. So, for example, there may be a cat who jumps up onto this
window, peers through these blinds and looks out and sees another cat or a dog outside
it’s window, becomes very excited and upset that that cat is there. And then I may walk
by and this cat will reach out and claw me or try to bite me because it’s feeling very
upset that there’s another animal in it’s territory, and it can’t really act the way
it wants to by scaring that animal away, so it’s going to redirect it’s aggression onto
me. Ways that you can prevent that from happening are to make sure that your blinds are fully
closed and closeable, draw your curtains so that your cat can’t see offending animals
outside, and you also then want to give the cat some very many toys and other things that
it can use to get rid of its excess energy.