Cassie, lumaban sa pambubully ni Trina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

My wife and children
loved these jarred sardines. That’s good to hear, sir. You can inform me if you
want to place another order. Of course, Cassie I’ll be recommending
these to my friends, too. Thank you. Okay, take care. Watch me. Trina, would you like to– Oops, sorry. This isn’t a market,
this is a hallway! Stop. Hey, let go of me! I said stop! What did I ever do to you?! Huh?! Tell me! Have I even done anything
to hurt you? Why are you doing this? Because you’re
an arrogant little princess. You’re not one of us.
You don’t belong here, Cassie! Who told you that? Is this about me
being a Mondragon? Yes! You don’t know me. None of you do. Who do you think you are,
judging me like this? You don’t know what
I’ve been through. And those sardines
you wasted? I’m not just selling those
to make money – I’m selling those
to help Mama. I hope you’re happy now. It’s a good thing Leon’s
not with you today. I’m sure Daniela’s
somewhere nearby, Carlos. She won’t run away
without taking with her the one important thing
she left behind. What is it? It’s Marga.
I’m a mother too, Carlos, and if there’s one thing
I would never leave behind, it’s my daughter. Romina. Why are you here?
We don’t need you. You’re still searching
for Daniela, right? We’ll cover a lot of
ground if we split up. Leon, didn’t I tell– Just let me help, Romina. The more people there are
looking for them, the sooner we can find them. Let’s go then. Romina’s coming
with me, alright? Shouldn’t she decide that
herself? Carlos, only the
two of us know where Daniela could’ve
possibly went. I’ll go with Leon this time. Why do you keep showing off? Besides, you’re a married man,
aren’t you? I’m here to help Romina. What about you?
Why are you here?