Care, Love, Hope – Anti-Bullying Short Film by Elizabeth H.

Care, Love, Hope At first I just thought they were all joking
around, but after a week it got really bad. They started to get really personal. They would even flick and push me sometimes. Then, I told them to stop. They just told me, “Can’t you take a joke? We were joking if you couldn’t notice. I mean if you can’t then that is pretty pathetic.” I wanted to tell my mom and dad, or even my
siblings, but I was so scared that my bullies would find out. This went on for months and every day it would
get worse and worse. After two months, they started to hurt me
so badly that I had bloody noses and bruises all the time. I always sat alone at lunch, in class, and
at recess. I felt so alone and hated. Then one day when I was sitting alone in class
again, the teacher asked to see me. I thought I was going to get in trouble. But, to my surprise, the teacher asked if
I was ok. It was the first time in months that I felt
like someone cared. I was a bit scared at first, but after they
told me that they were there for me and that they cared too, I started to open up. My teacher told me, “This is not your fault.” They also told me, “You are loved and cared
for. Don’t ever forget that.” The next day I was not greeted with the normal
gloomy atmosphere, and instead I felt welcomed. At lunch I got to be near my new friends and
in class, too. And now understand I’m not alone or hated. One out of every five kids in America reported
having been bullied, and three out of every twenty kids reported being bullied online. You are not alone. You can do it. You matter. You are cared about. You are loved. There is hope. You can make a difference.