Cardo asks Task Force Agila to stop teasing him and Alex | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Well, sir?
Did you guys break up? What did you say?! I told you nothing’s going on
between us. I was just kidding. Anyway, why does Major Romero
seem troubled? She said she’s having
a bad hair day. She said she’s having
a bad hair day. she’s worried we
no longer appreciate her efforts to cook for us. Hey, Domeng. You keep teasing us, so people
are starting to believe you. What will the people
here at the office say if they hear about this? Quit teasing them! Don’t give any other meaning
to what they’re doing! You’re reading too much into
Major Romero’s kindness. Isn’t it true… ..that Sir Cardo and Maj. Romero
are in a relationship? Drop it, Wangbu. They’re not in a relationship. Really? Believe me, It’s true. Just get back to work, okay? Here’s your adobo ! Wow! Adobo !
Miss Nida, this looks delicious! Of course it is. I cooked it! Just tell me if
you need anything. – Sure.
– Thank you! Criminals these days will do
anything to get money, especially when it
comes to drugs. Exactly. Those foreigners are just adding
to the country’s problems. They’re even selling drugs here. They should just go back to
where they came from. We have so many drug users now. More Filipinos are getting
addicted because of them. Mr. President’s getting worried. That’s why we need to find them
and arrest their leader so our country can be free
of this drug epidemic. Just remember, we can be
deployed at any time. We have to be ready. Manager, we’re always ready
no matter the mission. It’s not just Mr. President
who’s counting on us, the whole country is too. You’re always in
my prayers, Mr. President. Thank you. I need your prayers.