Capitalism, socialism. What is actually the difference? (Bugstards presents)

What’s up Bofly? I heard, it was going to rain. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. Wait señor. Yeah, yeah, much better here at home. Yeah, yeah, better. Watching Tv. Great! Yeah, yeah. Watching Tv. What are you doing here? Get out of here.
(Slap, slap, slap) That will teach you! Fuck those socialists!! Yeah, fuck them…… I mean, Drago. What’s a socialist? A socialist is somebody that lives off somebody else’s efforts. That is wrong! Yeah. That is wrong. We are capitalists. We believe in hard work and survival of the fittest. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Survival of the fittest!! Ai, Señor?? Yeah Gonzalez? Ai señor. I finished gathering the food for today. Let me see.
Aha. Ok. Did you put aside Bofly and my part? Si señor! I put aside. Now, bring us beer. Ok señor. zzzzzzzz Told you socialists were stupid! Yeahhhhh. Stuuuupid!! Hey Bofly. Have you subscribed to the
channel? Of course! Of course, I subscribed to the channel. Hey Gonzalez? Have you subscribed to the channel? Can I señor? Of course you can! Señor? What?? Can I also cross the wall? Don’t you dare! Hey you, look me in the eye. Subscribe to the channel! Yeah, yeah. Subscribe!