Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of Rey Mysterio: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

What’s up, Cleveland?>>[NOISE]
>>That’s all. I’ve been training with Cain Velasquez, getting him ready to beat Brock Lesnar for
the WWE title at Crown Jewel.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.>>No.
>>Of course, you already know that. And there he is, [FOREIGN]. Rey, we have a little bit
of a misunderstanding here. You live in this perceptual prison,
that has sentenced you to the misbelief that there’s a man on the face of this
planet that can handle Brock Lesnar. And the man that you’ve picked is your
son Dominic’s godfather, Cain Velasquez. The very same Cain Velasquez who nine
years ago, defeated Brock Lesnar for the UFC title. Beat, bloodied, victimized,
and scarred up Brock Lesnar. And you think it’s gonna
happen again at Crown Jewel. It’s not, and here is why. Because every single,
solitary morning for the past nine years, when Brock Lesnar goes and
looks at his own face in the mirror, he sees the scar that has
been carved into his face and his soul by Cain Velasquez. And for every single solitary
day of those nine years, Brock Lesnar has been salivating
like a beast, lusting for revenge. That revenge comes on October 31st,
at Crown Jewel. When you serve up Cain Velasquez on a silver platter like dinner to my beast. [MUSIC]>>Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold up. I need to get something through my head.>>What?>>So you mean to tell me, you and
your son get annihilated by The Beast.>>What?>>And your buddy, Cain Velasquez,
he just waltzes in here to defend you because you can’t defend yourself-
>>No, no, no.>>Or your son.>>It doesn’t work that way, Sheldon.>>He gets a WWE Championship
opportunity just for that?>>Doesn’t work that way, Sheldon. This is a family thing.>>It’s a family thing?>>What?>>Okay, you know what,
I got a little secret for you, Rey. I got a buddy, too. My buddy is The Beast, Brock Lesnar.>>Come on, wait a minute.>>At University of Minnesota,
I trained Brock Lesnar. I roomed with Brock Lesnar,
and Brock Lesnar is my family. I’m gonna test a theory. I’m gonna see what happens
if I push you around.>>Come on.>>Come on.>>Isn’t that how it works?>>No, no, no.
>>Beat up Rey Mysterio, get a championship opportunity?>>No, you let me get better.>>That’s a US title?>>Let me get-
>>How about that? Where’s your buddy now, Rey? Where’s the-
>>Rey, just get out of the ring.>>Wait a minute, wait a minute.>>Shelton Benjamin might wanna rework that theory because
Cain Velasquez is here.>>I don’t think Shelton Benjamin thought
for one minute that Cain was here tonight.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look out, look out.>>Benjamin quickly trying to take
down Velasquez, but look at the->>Look on->>Cain Velasquez quickly->>Look out.>>Turning things around.>>And look at the former UFC Champion
going right to work on Shelton Benjamin. Look at the fists into the side,
into the body, into the face. And how many guys you’ve seen
manhandle Sheldon Benjamin like this?>>Benjamin better cover up or
no, better yet, he better get the hell out of the ring.>>Cain Velasquez now trying
to put down Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin quickly tapping out. And if Brock Lesnar taps
out at Crown Jewel, we’re gonna have a new WWE Champion.