Bystander Revolution: Neiko | Full Circle Bullying

As a kid I was picked
on, and it hurt me deep. I didn’t know why
I was disliked, but I figured if this is
what making them cool, I want to be cool,
and that’s when I started my journey
to becoming a bully. I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be everything that
those kids were because I knew they weren’t getting caught
and it made them feel good and I wanted to
feel just like that. I wasn’t a physical bully. I never, like, hit nobody. I might, like slap your
table, like your pencils off your hand, whatever. I was more of, like,
a verbal bully. I was more – not – I
would say a mental bully or whatever because people
wouldn’t believe other people, but when they say it’s Neiko
and nobody believed it. No one actually did,
like, tell on me. Nobody believed it, I would
get back at you even more. I’m going to beat
your ass or I’m gonna like fight
you after school. So, yeah. Sophomore year of high school
I had a teacher in health. Her name was Branka
and she was telling a story about how
some kid in her class, in her – in a previous
school she was teaching in. He was, like, really
quiet, he was, like – but he was, like, really
good at arts and crafts and whatever, and for
a lot of the projects she would give him he
wouldn’t write out, he would, like
draw her a picture, and I think that some kids – she
said that some kids were, like, attacking him and teasing
him and making fun of him, and she got – from the
story she basically told us that through seeing
that this kid took his life, it made her want to look
into, like, teen behavior and the signs that you can tell
when a child’s being bullied. After she told me the
statistics I was, like, I have to stop being a bully. I cannot continue to be a bully
and I know that I was a bully. I was like a vulture
preying on the weak because I knew that that –
I was weak and I would be – I became the vulture. I became the vultures
that attacked me. Now, I’m honestly not trying
to become anybody’s savior, but more of a voice of reason
for people who are being bullied because it is
serious and I think that I – right now I’m chillin’ because
I don’t want to be, like, nobody’s, like, villain. No, that’s not me. I was a nice kid who liked his
Pokemon and his Yu – Gi – Oh! and that’s what I
want to be, a kid – a nice kid who likes his
Pokemon and Yu – Gi – Oh!. Not a reason why somebody
gonna kill themselves. That’s all. That’s why I want to
go back to what I was, and I think that’s where
the journey comes back. I start from the beginning,
and I ended at the beginning, so I’m a full –
circled character now.