Bystander Revolution: Max | Cyberbullying

I think cyberbullying is just
– is just taking it to a worser level because the internet
wasn’t made to bully people. It was for information and
also to connect with people, not to destroy lives. So, if you see anyone
being cyber bullied, you can either email them,
text them, call them, or if you see them
around, just talk to them. Ask them how are they
doing and if they’re ready to tell you their
problem, then let them and don’t try forcing them
to tell you, ’cause then that just pushes them away. But, like, give
them time so they’ll be able to tell you the
full story, their emotions, and when they’re ready
to tell you, just listen. Just be there for
them, and let them know that no matter what
happens you’re there with them and that they’re
perfect how they are and it doesn’t matter
what everyone else thinks.