Bystander Revolution: Gurwinder | Bullying Cycle

It wasn’t something
I chose to do. But I guess the situation,
the everyday bullying and all these things, comments
people would make about me, it was starting to
sort of change me. I would just, you know, throw
things around or push people around. The same things that I –
people were doing to me, I would do to other kids. There was a kid
in middle school. I started actually bullying him. Not really bullying
him, but I started asking him to do things
for me, you know? Like if had said something,
like he should do it, like not think or once or twice. He actually attacked me
afterwards with a few guys and basically pushed
me from behind. And a bunch of guys
started stomping me. I would say if you’re
bullying, if you’re a bully – if you’re bullying
someone, and if you’re being bullied as
well, I would say just try to just get yourself
from out of that situation and talk to someone. Think about that
younger sister you have, your younger brother you have. And look into
their eyes and see, and imagine them being
bullied by someone. Would you like to
see that happen? You can’t go back into
time, but what you can do, and what we as humans do, is
to learn from that situation and to avoid it from
happening again. And you gotta learn
to forgive yourself. That’s the most important thing.